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Pontiac G6 Parts and Pontiac G6 Accessories

Pontiac G6 Problems

Even during the car's budding, the first Pontiac G6 introduced in 2004 was immediately well-received by the public. Its stylish and sporty appeal has earned the fancy of car owners from around the globe, and in fact, the mid-size car was dubbed as Pontiac's go-to car. Despite its esteemed fame, the car suffers from several issues that can need to be addressed. Pontiac fan or not, better take note of these common problems encountered with the G6 in order to prepare when such issues arise.

Steering Issues

One of the most common issues reported by Pontiac G6 owners involves steering problems. The reports claim that the car's power steering may lock up or go out completely during the drive. Drivers reported several symptoms they encountered, which may include an increased effort in steering the wheel or a noticeable movement by the steering wheel itself.

According to most service bulletins, these problems were usually caused by low levels of steering fluid and damaged parts in the power steering assembly. To check, it is advised that the G6's sockets and steering gears are to be inspected for signs of defects. When looking for a fix, the most common solution reported for this steering failure is a steering column replacement.

Brake light problem

Another commonly experienced problem encountered with a Pontiac G6 is a brake light defect. The brake lights are often found to light up by themselves, even if the brake was not applied. This problem is primarily attributed to a faulty wiring. In fact, in February 2009, the General Motors Company recalled around 8,000 units of G6 autos due to recurring brake light problems.

Convertible top defect

The Pontiac G6 is offered in different body styles which include coupe, sedan, and the classy convertible. Among the body styles, the popular G6 convertible has been known to exhibit exterior damage, the more prominent of which is a stuck top. This damaged part usually gives excessive resistance, causing the top to fail to open. The most probable cause of this problem is a rusting pivot point. Luckily, this type of defect is easily addressed with a WD-40 and a wire brush.