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Pontiac Grand Am Bumper Cover

How to Make the Pontiac Grand Am Bumper Cover Always Looking Its Best

Every car on the road deserves to have enough protection from front end collisions. Earlier Pontiac Grand Ams have enjoyed huge bumpers that were made to follow the revised vehicle regulations before. But these were heavy and somewhat bulky. Aside from that, they were not as aerodynamically capable compared to today's cars. So decades after, the third production of this vehicle had started featuring a Pontiac Grand Am bumper cover that is more integrated into the body. It flowed with the lines of the entire vehicle. The material used is also much later and easier to shape. This allowed the car to be more flexible in terms of styling. And as you might have known, a car has more value if most of its parts remain intact and in good condition. If ever you are keen on preserving all the original parts, including the bumper cover, then you should know how to keep it always looking its best. Here are some tips.

  • Inspect the mounts and clips regularly.

The bumper cover should always remain intact for safety reasons. This prevents it from uncontrollably shaking, and rubbing against wheels and other panels. For this reason, you should inspect the mounts and clips of the part regularly. This will prevent any damage from happening just because it is loose.

  • When you give your car a wash, don't forget to treat your bumper cover as well.

We will say it for your Pontiac Grand Am, it deserves and loves a regular car wash. This keeps it neat and tidy. Besides, who would not want their car to look shiny and glossy again? So when it is time to give your vehicle another wash, don't forget about the bumper cover. First, rinse it with steady running water from your hose. Then scrub the surface with a wash mitt soaked in a mixture of car shampoo and water. When you are done, wash the suds away with water again.

  • Coat the panel with car wax.

Applying car wax can protect and help preserve the condition of your bumper cover's paint. Do this once in a while to give the panel a nice glossy finish.

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  • How to Install the Pontiac Grand Am Bumper Cover

    The Pontiac Grand Am has been around for quite some time but in separate intervals. But the last one that had a production run in the 1990s up to the early 2000s had a lot to prove to the public. The car has downsized from its former huge body powered high-displacement engines. It had become a front wheel drive compact sedan with only a V6 as its biggest engine option. Nevertheless, it tried to reassert itself with a refreshed feel and design. One of the panels that received a major redesign is the Pontiac Grand Am bumper cover. It looked more integrated with the body lines and it seemed more streamlined than ever before. It is a little bit weird for the people who got used to the bigger bumpers. But hey, bumpers are bumpers. They are there to protect and take on front end collisions. So when the time comes that it has already taken significant damage, you might want to replace it with a new bumper cover. So here are some tips on how to install a new panel.

    Tip #1: Park your car on a leveled garage. Place it on a jack or lifter if you think you will need more clearance.

    Before you work on the front end panel of your car, you should bring it to an optimal working environment. This means that you should park it on a leveled garage so that there is no risk of your vehicle rolling unexpectedly. If ever you feel that you still need more ground clearance to be able to work on your bumper cover, you should use a jack or lifter to raise the front.

    Tip #2: Have a buddy to help you out in your operation.

    It would be ideal to have a buddy to help you move around the panels. While the material on the newer bumper covers are much lighter, its dimension might be challenging to handle alone. Remember that you will also have to align it properly so you will need someone to hold the other end for you too.

    Tip #3: Examine the mounting area before you put the bumper in place.

    You will have to examine the chassis and other mounting areas for the new bumper cover before bolting it to place. Once everything is clear, you are good to go.