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Pontiac Grand Am Bumper Covers

Two Common Problems of the Pontiac Grand Am Bumper Covers

Bumper covers are different from bumpers in the same way burgers are different from cheeseburgers. The bumper cover is a material made from either plastic or fiberglass that goes on top of your car's bumpers. What do they do? Much like what cheese does to burgers; it is the added "umpf" to make something all the more appetizing. Bumper covers is a visual upgrade for your vehicle as well as an extra layer of protection. However, there are times when car owners may experience problems with their Pontiac Grand Am bumper covers. To help you during these times, we discussed below the solutions to two of the common problems with the cover.

Bumper fit problems

Bumper covers need to sit tightly on two things: the hood and the bumper. It would be better to discuss these two separately since they're two different circumstances.

First, your Pontiac Grand Am bumper cover needs to sit properly on the bumper assembly. If the cover does not hug onto the bumper securely, the problem is likely with the clips. Most bumper covers are bolted on by clips at the edges, while some have push-pins on the sides. The case of loose bumper covers is generally observed if the bolts or clips are rusted, too old, or has gone loose. Retightening or replacement, whichever case it may be, would be enough to solve the problem.

Hood fit problems

Second, the bumper cover should fit nicely with your car's hood. If it doesn't, you should be able to notice a gap in the middle (in between the hood and the bumper cover). There are two likely reasons for this problem; first, you may have bought an incompatible bumper cover for your car model and year variation. It is best that you consult the manual to know which part is needed for your car. The second reason would be a dented or deformed bumper and/or hood. Accidents or car jobs/repairs that went wrong could have caused a dent or deformed the hood, causing the bumper cover not to fit.

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  • Tips to Maintain Your Pontiac Grand Am Bumper Covers

    Remember the first time you sat behind a steering wheel? Definitely a magical moment when one would go: "Aw yeah! A giant bumper car track." Guys can't help it; bumper cars and arcade games are the only references they have for driving. This is exactly why there is always that frustration of ramming your car against other vehicles. So why won't you just do so? Aside from the possibility of death or getting arrested, a deteriorating bumper cover (or the absence of it) would not give you the confidence to emerge as the winner. We listed some tips to help you keep your bumper cover in good condition, not to give you license of ramming onto other cars, but to help you ensure your safety as well as help maintain your car's aesthetics.

    Retighten the bolts/pins

    Most major problems with the Pontiac Grand Am bumper covers start with them being loose on the assembly. The constant shakes during drives are enough to slowly loosen the torque on the bolts which holds the cover in place. We recommend that you check the bolts or clips of the bumper cover. Most covers have clips on the bottom side, but some have clips on the side as well as bolts. It is best to check if these parts have worn out or have gone loose every six months or so. You can check them more frequently or as soon as you feel that there is excessive shaking in the assembly.

    Don't tighten too much

    Although we said that the bolts should be tightened, they shouldn't be tightened too much. If the bolts are torqued on excessively, there is a chance that the bumper cover will get deformed or, worse, snap. It is best to just tighten the bolts to the point where the cover is sitting nicely on the bumper.

    Let each layer of coating dry

    Most car owners tend to paint or apply coating on their car's bumper covers; we think this is a great way to personalize one's vehicle. However when doing so, remember to let each layer of paint and coating dry for 20 to 30 minutes before applying another. Failing to do so risks cracking the paint; not only would you have failed in the paint job, but you may have also damaged the material of the bumper cover.