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Pontiac Grand Am Header Panel

Typical Signs of a Malfunctioning Pontiac Grand Am Header Panel

The header panel of your Pontiac Grand Am may look like a part that's not important, but it's actually designed to support the headlights and the grille of your car. Aside from that, it gives distinction and aesthetic value to your car especially if you own a classic Grand Am. However, since the header panel is located in front of the engine, it can get damaged by the engine's hot temperature. When you notice that header panel of your car is already giving out, you'd better do some troubleshooting immediately. Here are some of the problems you might encounter:

Water leaking inside the engine's front compartment

The Pontiac Grand Am header panel located in front of your car protects the parts of the engine from rain and water that may seep through the engine's front compartment. When there's a crack on the surface of the header panel, a leak may eventually happen. You may repair the header panel quickly by applying automotive adhesive on the cracked areas. However, if the leaking still continues, then you have to do extra work on it like grinding, masking, and sealing the area. Just remember to perform the proper procedure, or else you'll ruin the condition of a classic header panel.

Whistling noise from the front of the car

If you have recently installed a new grille and header panel on your car and noticed a whistling noise from the front portion of the vehicle while driving, then it may come from the grille and the header panel that are not installed correctly. You should check if the header panel and grille sit perfectly. They shouldn't move around since they're supposed to be bolted down properly.

Headlights not positioned properly

When your Pontiac Grand Am header panel is already wearing down, you will notice that the headlights of your car are not positioned properly. This happens because the header panel is getting weaker and can't support the weight of the headlights. Although this will not cause the headlights to pop out, the alignment of the headlights is important that's why you have to repair the header panel as soon as possible.

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  • Three Tips to Keep Pontiac Grand Am Header Panel in Mint Condition

    The Pontiac Grand Am header panel may not have a significant contribution to the car's performance, but it does increase the aesthetic value of the vehicle especially for the classic models. If you own a Grand Am and you want to keep its original look, or you're into restoration and you want to bring it back to its former glory, here are some tips to help you turn the header panel into its mint form.

    Remove impurities on the header panel's surface.

    The Pontiac Grand Am header panel is easily noticeable because it's located in front of the vehicle. You have to keep it clean by using a degreaser to remove dirt, debris, and oil. When all the impurities have been wiped off, you should dry the header panel thoroughly. If you have noticed rust on surface of the header panel, you must remove it using a rust remover and a wire brush.

    Paint the header panel.

    Painting the header panel of your car will not only bring it back to life, but it can also protect it from dirt, grime, and other impurities. To paint the header panel effectively, you need to wet sand its surface using sandpaper between 200- to 600-grit. This process is important because you have to remove the old paint completely. Remember to use only high-temperature spray primer and paint on the header panel because it's located in front of the engine and its temperature will get hot. When you see smoke coming from the headers as the engine runs, it is normal because some of the paint is still heating up and burning off.

    Remove the header panel properly.

    If you want to keep the header panel of your vehicle in good condition, you must remove it properly. This may sound easy because all you need is a set of screwdrivers, but failure to do it correctly may result to a damaged header panel. You must first remove the bumper cover of your Pontiac Grand Am to make your job easier. Only then you can detach both headlights. When you can already see the screws of the header panel, then its time remove them until you can pull the header panel out. Make sure that you have the complete number of screws when you place it the header panel back.