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Pontiac Grand Am Headlight

How You Should Maintain Your Pontiac Grand Am Headlight

What does it feel driving one of the last vehicle runs of the great General Motors marque? The Pontiac Grand Am surely still gives you the thrill and joy that you associate with driving a true American car. You hit the open road and open the throttle wide open. Driving through the canyons until the sun sets should be one to be accomplished with this car. However, when the sky turns dark, you should also have a reliable Pontiac Grand Am headlight. This will help you see what is ahead of you. Especially in canyons, there could be animals crossing and dangerous curves that need to be spotted from the distance. If you want a safe trip and avoid officers from pulling you over because of busted headlights, you should know how to take care of it. Here are some tips on how you should maintain the headlight of your Pontiac Grand Am.

  • Loosen the dust and grime on the headlight lens by rinsing it with water.

The number one enemy of an effective headlight is accumulated dust on the lens. It prevents the light from fully reaching its reach. Just like all the other exterior panels of your car, point your hose at an angle and let the water rush to your lens. The angle should be able to push away loose dust from the surface already. This also allows you to be able to scrub lens with less abrasion. For light dust build-ups, water can already do the trick. But hey, don't settle for that only.

  • Apply the car shampoo mixture to the lens in gentle scrubs.

After rinsing your headlight lens with water, prepare the car shampoo mixture in a clean pale. Soak your favorite wash mitt in it then apply it to your lens. Do so in gentle scrubs to avoid scratching the surface. If you became careless, you will eventually put some bad scratches on the lens. It is not good for driving.

  • Don't forget to dry it up.

You should get a clean cloth or chamois to dry up the newly washed headlight. This prevents water from getting stuck in the crevices and eventually accumulating dirt again.

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  • It’s Time to Test the Pontiac Grand Am Headlight

    Whenever you drive your Pontiac Grand Am, you should be proud that you are holding there a part of American automotive heritage. Pontiac came from decades of trusted automotive performance and styling. Unfortunately, at the turn of the new millennium, the marque was discontinued to give way to other General Motors projects. So what should you do with your Grand Am? You drive it. You enjoy it. Any car that you can drive day and night without issue should be considered a blessing and a challenge. You have there a wonderful piece of American iron that you can truly be proud of. Therefore, getting your Pontiac Grand Am headlight to shine all throughout your night drive is very important. It helps you navigate on the road and quickly respond to any road hazard that could come up uninvited. Before it fails you in the middle of your drive, you should be able to identify potential issues already. So now we shift to testing your car's headlight. Here we show you how.

    Check the bulbs one by one by switching them on from your instrument panel.

    The headlight assembly of the more modern models of the Grand Am has the following light bulbs: the high beam bulb, low beam bulb, and turn signal bulb. You can check them one by one by switching them on from the instrument panel. As you switch one on, go out and observe if they are working. For bulbs that are not working, inspect them carefully. The malfunction can either be because of busted bulb or faulty wiring.

    Inspect the wires for correct connection.

    When your headlight assembly has already been removed from the car before, there is a very slight chance that the wires are not connected to the corresponding end. You can spot that when you switch on your lights and the wrong bulbs are activated.

    Know how strong the light that's being emitted is.

    You should also check the amount of light being emitted by your light bulbs. For that, you have to park your car in a clear area before switching on the lights. Observe the distance and width it covers. If you feel that the bulb is already weak, then it might be the time to replace it.