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Pontiac Grand Am Vent Visor

Common Indications of a Problematic Pontiac Grand Am Vent Visor

Installed on every window of your car is a vent visor. It protects the cabin of your car from high temperature during the day. More so, it keeps your window safe from different elements such as the sunlight, rainfall, snow, and road debris. The part also reduces wind noise that can get really annoying while driving. Your vent visor is prone to different problems such as installation issues and breaking. With this, you need to know when you need to check and fix the part before things get worse.

Falling off

A common issue with your vent visor is falling off your window without any warning. When this happens, the adhesive material that attaches the part to the window has not set properly. To prevent this problem, it is advisable to leave the window closed for the first 24 hours after your vent visor is installed. This allows the adhesive material to set and cure to better hold your vent visor in place.

Window trim sticking out

Needless to say, the window trim of your car is affected by the installation of your vent visor. As a result, the trim may stick out of its place for almost an inch when the window is closed with your vent visor attached. This is due to the strain caused by the closed window and your vent visor. This may be an incompatibility issue or installation problem. When this happens, check the product manual and confirm if your vent visor is compatible to your car or you have correctly installed it.

Broken Pontiac Grand Am vent visor

Your vent visor is located outside of your car, making it prone to different road conditions and elements. If it hits something hard, it may break, which makes it totally unattractive and useless. Unfortunately, there is no fix to a broken vent visor. Your only resort for such case is replacing the part with a new one and driving more carefully.


Scratches are minor forms of breaking. This means that they are also caused by road conditions and different elements outside your car. The good news is that you can fix the small scratches on your Pontiac Grand Am vent visor. All you would be needing is a plastic cleaner and polish, microfiber towel, and elbow grease.

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  • Proper Care for Your Pontiac Grand Am Vent Visor

    Installed on every widow of your car, the vent visor functions as a shield that protects your window and cabin from direct sunlight and rainfall. It also reduces the annoying wind sound you hear when you drive at high speed. Since the vent visor is neither an electrical nor a mechanical part in your car, there are not much problems related to it. Nonetheless, you should take good care of it. Following are some ways:

    After installation of your vent visor, leave the window closed for at least 24 hours.

    If your window is working well without your vent visor, you might find some difficulties during the first few days after you have installed it. With this, you need to make sure your vent visor is fitted well into your window. You can do this by leaving the window closed for at least 24 hours after your vent visor is attached to it. This trick would make the adhesive material set and hold your vent visor better.

    Immediately reinstall your vent visor once it has fallen out.

    If your vent visor has fallen out, you should put it back to your window immediately. The sticking ability of the adhesive material lessens the longer your vent visor is detached from it. What you can do to make sure it sticks again is by blowing a heat gun or blow dryer to the window trim where the adhesive material is located. Once this happens, it is also advisable to leave the window closed for a couple of days.

    Wipe off any strong cleaning product from your hands before touching your Pontiac Grand Am vent visor.

    Some vent visor units are made of soft plastic that are sensitive even to some mild solutions. Strong cleaning products can even make them melt. When you wipe your vent visors, make sure your hands and the cloth you use are free of any cleaning solutions.

    Do not go to brush-style car washes.

    If you are fond of going to automatic car washes, you may need to be more conscious of your Pontiac Grand Am vent visor. The part is located right outside of your window and is only attached through an adhesive material. It may come loose or completely detach if hit by the hard brushes of an automatic car wash.