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Pontiac Grand Am Wheel Covers

Commonly Encountered Problems on Pontiac Grand Am Wheel Covers

Those flashy hub caps on your cars are there for a reason. Aside from covering the wheel from contaminants, these wheel covers act as something more. They also act as stylish add-ons that can customize your car's appearance. These wheel covers, however, are also fragile. They do have a tendency to break down as time passes. Below are some of the commonly talked about problems by most owners:

Coming off

When you drive down the road, isn't it alarming when you see your wheel cover zoom right ahead of you? Some wheel covers have a real tendency to do just that. This is because some wheel covers have bad clips, or metal increments that keep them tied to a wheel. If this fails, you might see your wheel covers come off more often. If you notice your wheel covers getting a bit loose, it's time for you to check if one or more of your clips have failed.

Broken wheel covers

There are some cases where the wheel covers have broken down. This is either due to rust or to damage which had been present since its manufacture. Some wheel covers break down because of having been exposed to different road and weather over time. Learn to spot problems like weak links or suspect rims to act as soon as possible on the wheel cover.


Wheel covers are also susceptible to cracks. One case had a driver losing two wheel covers because they fell off, while another one developed a crack. Look for telltale signs that your wheel cover is about to suffer cracks as well. This mostly happens on wheel covers which are not made of steel alloy or aluminum. Replacing your hub caps with these will make them work and look just fine.

Other usual problems

A lot of road debris can do serious damage to your wheel cover, thus diminishing its aesthetic value and its appeal. Some of these can be attributed to the weather, while others can be blamed on the ravages of time. Any of these can spell doom to a heavily neglected wheel cover. If this is your wheel cover, then it might be time for you to look for a replacement.

  • Keeping your Pontiac Grand Am Wheel Covers in Good Shape

    Tires do have the tendency to be the most battered part of your car. As they are the closest to the road, debris, small pebbles, and other particles are their most common enemies. This is why you cover your wheels with wheel covers. Wheel covers protect your inner wheels and other parts inside it from wayward debris and other stuff lying on the road. In turn, your wheel covers suffer the damage meant for your wheels to the point that sometimes, they are the first ones to go. To keep your wheel covers protecting your wheels and other parts, here are a few tips:

    Drive safely

    A lot of wheel covers suffer from being scraped against sidewalks and pavements. This is due to careless driving more than anything else, and it is the wheel cover that suffers firsthand from this kind of damage. You're lucky if the damage is just a simple scratch on the surface; however, most damage leave a deep gash in the wheel cover, since lots of pavements are made out of hard material. If this happens, bring your car in to a car center or see if you can remedy the problem yourself.

    Repair peeling wheel covers

    Peeling wheel covers are a nuisance, especially to people who value the look of their car. If you're one of those people, you do know that this affects the image you want your car to portray. Peeling wheel covers, fortunately, do not happen all at the same time. If only one of your wheel covers is affected, usually a paint job or a re-chroming can bring back its condition up to par.

    Inspect wheel covers monthly

    You can expect your wheel covers to have a few dents and dings after some time of driving around. However, they are also prone to loosening, and this is where accidents happen. Sometimes, a loosened wheel cover may come off and cause your tire to blow, or may have you surprised as it rolls off your car. To avoid this, check your wheel covers for protrusion from the rim or a bulging section. You can just simply push it back into the rim to avoid having it fall off.

    Replace bad wheel covers

    The simplest and most efficient solution for taking care of your wheel cover situation is to replace it. Unless it can still be salvaged or repaired, replacing wheel covers can ensure that your wheels are protected most of the time. This can also bring back the appearance of your car overall.