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Pontiac Grand Prix Bumper Cover

Hassle-free Maintenance Tips for Your Pontiac Grand Prix Bumper Cover

Your Pontiac Grand Prix deserves a bumper cover that looks just as stylish and luxurious as it is. But more than just making your car look good, did you know that the bumper cover also gives you a great deal of protection against collisions? It's a very useful automotive component that offers both form and function. It's also quite durable; but keep in mind that durable isn't exactly the same as indestructible, so expect some bumper cover problems to occur after some time. Keeping the bumper cover from getting damaged is a bit hard, but there are some easy ways that can actually help it prevent premature wear. Check out some of the following tips to keep your Pontiac Grand Prix bumper cover looking good:

  • Tend to physical damage as soon as you can.

What better way to make your bumper cover look dashing than to keep it free from scratches, cracks, and scuff marks? Fixing this type of damage is a lot easier than you think. Simply get an adhesive that's compatible with the plastic material that your bumper cover is made of and apply this over the back side of the damaged area. Make sure you clean the bumper cover first before doing any restoration work on it.

  • Reinforce it with a flexing agent.

Are you always in fear that the paint of your bumper cover will peel off just because a cute little pebble hit it while you're driving on the highway? Fear no more because you can prevent this from happening by simply reinforcing the paint with a coat of flexing agent. You should also consider applying a primer over the bumper cover before giving it a new color to make the paint last longer.

  • Perform routine check-ups.

You probably know by now that the function and location of your bumper cover make it susceptible to a slew of damaging elements; this is why you need to check on its condition every once in a while. Make sure it's aligned properly and inspect if all the mounting hardware is complete and fitted securely. You should also look for peeled off paint. Keeping an eye out for little issues just like these can save you from costly repairs in the long run.

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  • Three Common Pontiac Grand Prix Bumper Cover Problems You Should Watch Out For

    The bumper cover of your Pontiac Grand Prix won't be in good condition forever—that's just a fact of life. You probably know that one of its jobs is to give you additional protection during a minor collision. So, considering its location and function, you're bound to see signs of wear over it after a few years of use. To avoid compromising the quality and appearance of your Pontiac Grand Prix bumper cover, be on the lookout for the following problems you're likely to encounter with it:


    Getting dents over your bumper cover isn't hard; simply hitting a wall while trying to park can give you a good-sized one. It's a good thing that spotting and fixing this problem can be done just as easily. Dents are a very common problem that a lot of motorists encounter throughout the service life of their bumper cover. By visually inspecting the bumper cover, you can identify deformed parts and dented areas and evaluate the extent of damage to see if it's okay to fix it yourself. You can try pushing the dent out with your hands or you can also hammer it back into shape using a rubber mallet. Heating up the surface before trying to reshape the bumper cover can make this task easier.

    Cracks, scratches, and scuff marks

    You already know how much beating your bumper cover gets while you're on the road. Dirt, rock, mud, and even road trash can damage its surface. Just like dents, identifying cracked, scratched, or scuffed areas only require you to perform a thorough visual inspection. Make sure you touch up damaged areas to keep them from getting worse. A cracked bumper cover can be fixed back into its original form through the use of epoxy adhesive or plastic welding. Don't make the mistake of thinking that cracks or scratches only affect the bumper cover's appearance because this also has a negative effect on its durability.

    Incorrect fit

    If you notice your bumper cover hanging lower than usual, check its attachments right away. Having an incorrectly fitted bumper cover puts the front end of your vehicle under a lot of stress. Not only is it unsightly, but it's also quite dangerous. Worn-out or missing mounting hardware is the usual culprit behind this problem. Inspect the fasteners that hold your bumper cover securely to the car. Replace lost or worn-out components if needed.