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Pontiac GTO Parts and Pontiac GTO Accessories

Six Things to Know About the Pontiac GTO

  • Legendary engineer John DeLorean's most notable contribution to Pontiac is the GTO which he co-created with engine specialist Russell Gee and chassis engineer Bill Collins. It was DeLorean's idea to name it GTO from the abbreviation of Gran Turismo Omologato (the Italian for Grand Tourer Homolgated) based on a successful racecar's name. Because of these initials, this muscle car has been nicknamed as "The Goat."

  • Because of this racing car roots, it's only natural that several drivers have chosen to drive the Pontiac GTO on the track. Australian professional racing driver Joey Scarallo used one during the 2009 SCCA World Challenge. Meanwhile, Champion Formula D driver and occasional stunt driver Rhys Millen drove a drift car version of the Pontiac GTO and won two seasons in Winnipeg in 2004 and 2005.

  • There's another sportsman who's also a fan of this muscle car. WWE wrestling legend John Cena doesn't think much of the GTO's handling on the road. Still, as a patriotic muscle car enthusiast, he owns three of these Pontiac cars at their top-of-the-line configuration. He also appreciates the fact that his GTOs are both look and sound loud thanks to the Ram air flow motor on his red 1969 and red 1970 models as well as the 454-cubic motor on his black 1971 model.

  • Cena's fellow celebrity, singer turned actor Justin Timberlake, doesn't quite share his preferences in patronizing only American cars. While he normally drives the German Audi, Timberlake was recently seen driving a classic black Pontiac GTO convertible with a woman on the passenger's side.

  • Action movies love the Pontiac GTO, whether it's the classic version from the 1960s-1970s or the more recent 2004-2006 reincarnation. The classic has been featured in xXx with Vin Diesel, Knight and Day with Tom Cruise, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle with Lucy Liu, Faster with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and The Punisher with Thomas Jane. Meanwhile, the reincarnation found its place in The Mechanic with Jason Statham, Herbie: Fully Loaded with Lindsay Lohan, and Transformers with Shia LaBoeuf.

  • The classic version of the Pontiac GTO has also been seen on the small screen. It had quite a few appearances in various TV shows including The Monkees, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, I Dream of Jeannie, 90210, Miami Vice, Magnum P.I., and The Walking Dead among others.

Pontiac GTO Articles

  • Getting Problems with the Pontiac GTO

    Getting an original version of DeLorean's best-known Pontiac model might be a little bit more difficult than getting the 2004-2006 reincarnations, but both these cars can't claim to be perfect. These are the common problems that owners and reviewers have encountered with the Pontiac GTO parts and accessories:

    Got the old Goat: Problems with the 1964-1974 for its original owners

    Managing to acquire and restore the very first muscle car is only the start of an original GTO owner's problems. General Motors issued two recalls, one in 1966 and the other in 1968. The first one was because of an improperly installed steering shaft that caused a binding condition that could expose the shaft to abnormal stresses that would eventually break the shaft and cause a loss of control in the steering. It's possible that the owners of the GTO at that time would not have noticed this problem, so the shaft should be replaced with an improved design. The second one was called for because some dealers did not receive a brake pedal support bracket in the kit, which they use to convert manual disc brakes to power disc brakes. So, some cars with power disc brakes might get broken or cracked brackets which can cause leaks in the hydraulic system and a loss in braking control.

    Got the old GTO: Problems for new owners of the classic

    Current owners of the original GTO might notice rusting in certain areas of the car's body, including the trunk, quarter panels, and fenders. What's more, they could also need to start the car with jumpers even with a new voltage regulator and battery installed.

    Got the new GTO: Problems with the 2004-2006 version

    With its bland exterior styling, hefty price tag, and more refined aura, it doesn't seem right to continue calling the new GTO a goat. Still, this car has problems that have gotten owners annoyed with it. The soft suspension can't handle the power of the V8 engine that could go up to 400 hp and have 400 lb-ft of torque. Slow reflexes coupled with too much body roll and weak brakes don't make for that legendary feeling. Furthermore, it's rather hard to store a lot of junk inside a trunk that only has nine cubic feet of space. Finally, a car safety group has complained to the NHTSA that the tires on the 2005 model year were too wide at 245 mm. The tires would rub against the struts, causing them to wear out and create the risk of tire failures.