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Pontiac Parisienne Parts and Pontiac Parisienne Accessories

Interesting Facts about the Pontiac Parisienne

  • The 1981 Pontiac Parisienne was actually the top-of-the-line Canadian counterpart of the Pontiac Bonneville, which was released in the United States. It was also manufactured in Ishawa, Ontario and exclusively sold in Canada.

  • The Pontiac Parisienne was made under the GM B platform, which was also known as the B-body or bodyshell. This body design was popular for its reliability and durability. The Parisienne was the last vehicle to have this platform design, which had the gas tank filler situated behind the license plate.

  • The Pontiac Parisienne was still a darling to car enthusiasts even after General Motors dropped the line-it still sold very well in the market. The last model was the 1986 Parisienne.

  • The Pontiac Parisienne and the Chevrolets shared a lot in common with the Chevrolets especially the chassis and drivetrain. They were also equipped with the same engines including the 283, 327, 350, 396, 409, and 427. They also had the same Powerglide and Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmissions. This resemblance was due to the import/export tariffs between the United States and Canada, which made the production of original or unique Pontiac engines and car components too expensive. This is also the reason why the Parisienne was introduced as some sort of a more luxurious version of the Grand Prix.

  • Pontiac manufactured right-hand Parisiennes in Canada, and these models were exported to Australia and UK most especially until 1969.

  • The Pontiac Parisienne had a wagon model called the Pontiac Parisienne Safari, and it was featured very briefly in David Fincher's film adaptation of Fight Club. This vehicle could be spotted in the scene where Brad Pitt and Edward Norton were in front of the bar on the first night they punched each other.

  • The Pontiac Parisienne was also casted in other films and TV shows such as National Treasure, Harold and Kumar, Dark Shadows, Prison Break, MacGyver, and NYPD Blue.

  • One of the most famous celebrities who own a Pontiac Parisienne is rapper-turned-reggae singer Snoop Dogg. His 1967 Parisienne is popularly known to have been pimped out into a yellow and purple vehicle, which kind of reminds everybody of the colors of the NBA team-LA Lakers. Thus, Snoop Dogg's Pontiac Parisienne is sometimes referred to as the "Laker's Car."

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  • Pontiac Parisienne Problems

    The Pontiac Parisienne, which was sold in Canada from 1958 to 1986, was also known as the Bonneville in the United States. It was basically a full-size, rear-wheel drive, which had luxurious interior and exterior styling-something that set it apart from the other Pontiac models. The Parisienne was a favorite among car enthusiasts during its years of production. It had a decent powertrain, which molded its good reputation in the automobile industry. Even up to now, many drivers still enjoy driving a Pontiac Parisienne; but this vehicle is still far from perfection just like anything else. The following are some of the setbacks Parisienne drivers usually come across.

    Cruise control

    An issue regarding the defective vehicle speed control of the Pontiac Parisenne resulted to a recall sometime in 1989. The problem rooted from a small nylon bushing in the Parisienne's cruise control servo bail. The part was found to be in danger of slipping out, which could cause a sudden increase in engine speed. Because of this defect, the engine could also run even with the ignition off. The vehicle throttle could suffer and get stuck as well, which could possibly lead to a vehicle crash. Corrective actions were taken, though. New bushings were installed in the affected Pontiac Parisienne models.


    The manual valve in the transmission of some Pontiac Parisienne models were found to be improperly formed. Eventually, the valve link could disengage. This defect could result to a gear selection that is different from what the driver may have selected. It could also cause the Parisienne to move in an unexpected direction. A recall was made in order to address this issue. The manual valve detent lever link was replaced much to the Parisienne owners' satisfaction.


    Road visibility is highly important in any vehicle. Every driver should make sure that his headlights and other components connected to the exterior lighting are properly functioning. Common problems in the Pontiac Parisienne included headlight switch defects, which could cause the headlights to blink or go out all of a sudden. This effect may have resulted from electrical contacts that allow intermittent headlight circuit.