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Pontiac Spoiler

Pontiac Spoiler The craze nowadays is customizing your vehicles. It doesn't matter if it's an SUV, a truck, a sedan, a coupe or a convertible. Outfitting your car with accessories and customized parts is what everybody who loves their cars and are proud of them does. Spurned by many movies depicting the "coolness factor", adding accessories and customizing your car makes it unique and beautiful. If you want your car to rise above the rest and not look dull, customizing it is the answer. Although Pontiac cars are sporty enough as it is, it still looks like the other Pontiacs it was made with, customizing it can make a whole lot of difference, it also shows your appreciation for the car and the pride you have for it. You are merely making it look better, like working out one's body and wearing fashionable clothes.

The market is a veritable cesspool of auto parts accessories that you can install in your Pontiac vehicle. Some could be installed in the interior while the more popular ones are installed and mounted for the exterior. Since the exterior of the car is the first and usual one to be seen, this is where the larger slice of the accessories pie goes to These accessories include the body kits, custom lights, hoods, bumpers, nose bras, gutters, deflectors, wheels, rims, hubcaps, decals, spoilers and a plethora of others.

The Pontiac spoiler started out as a component used for racing applications. The spoiler redirects the flow of the airflow around the vehicle lessening the drag. There are two kinds of spoiler, the front spoiler, located in the front beneath the front bumper, and the more popular rear spoiler, sometimes dubbed as the wing. The rear spoiler is installed on the top of the trunk lid and is used in producing down force o the rear of the vehicle using the airflow to push the vehicle down. For street driving, Pontiac spoilers don't usually have an effect but for show, they do however make the Pontiac vehicle look sportier.

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