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Pontiac Trans Sport Harmonic Balancer

Frequent Defects Encountered with a Pontiac Trans Sport Harmonic Balancer

How does the Pontiac Trans Sport reduce engine vibration? See, thanks to a fully functional harmonic balancer, the vibration created by the engine's combustion cycle is largely reduced and this provides a more comfortable and convenient ride. But since the part is not entirely immune to wear and tear, it may soon exhibit signs of damage, which may include cracks in the part or even drive belt defects. If the harmonic balancer seems to have already exceeded its service life, better perform some troubleshooting. Luckily, diagnosis should be easy as it involves only the use of a screwdriver, a wrench, and jack and jack stands. So, here are some of the symptoms and the reasons behind a defective Pontiac Trans Sport harmonic balancer:

Drive belt damages

Since the auto's harmonic balancer serves as a pulley to the car's drive belts, there is a risk of damaging the belts when the balancer is no longer functioning well. Usually, a loud noise will be produced by the belt, which would often lead to several other defects like engine misfires and backfires. Most of the damages caused by a defective harmonic balancer might even lead to a decrease in the vehicle's fuel economy.

Excessive engine vibration

The Harmonic balancer is primarily built to help suppress vibration levels from the crankshaft and the rest of the engine parts. So, when this part malfunctions, the first problem commonly detected is excessive vibration. This is usually accompanied by a loud engine noise, which is more prominent when the gas pedal is hit. This might even lead to several other damages like cracks and separations on the balancer. In fact, the vibration may even lead to a misplaced insulator. If all these signs are present, better prepare for a part replacement.

Car start failure

Another manifestation of a defective harmonic balancer is a car start failure. Most of the time, car owners experience bad ignition timing. This is usually a result of an inconsistency in the camshaft sensors, which is a result of a faulty harmonic balancer. Sometimes, the car will be able to crank up but will still be unable to attain spark ignition because of a damaged harmonic balancer.

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  • Tips to Keep a Pontiac Trans Sport Harmonic Balancer in Good Shape

    Your Pontiac Trans Sport's engine produces excessive vibration upon operation. With the help of an efficient harmonic balancer, the engine vibrations are largely reduced to help make your ride easy and convenient. But, even with such durability, there may come a time when you will need to replace the part. See, over time, this part may develop cracks and may even have loose bolts. So to prevent further damage and repairs, you should at least know how to do basic maintenance. Listed below are some simple ways to keep your Pontiac Trans Sport harmonic balancer in good shape:

    Regularly check the harmonic balancer for signs of cracks and separations.

    To prevent crankshaft defects and premature wear of several engine parts, automotive experts advise that you regularly check the car's harmonic balancer. During inspection, look for signs of cracks and separations in the balancer's components. If you find any of these hints, then you might want to consider finding a new harmonic balancer. If a defective part is left unaddressed, you may even encounter engine damages like misfiring or backfiring.

    Replace loose harmonic balancer bolts.

    Several other components may cause the early failure of the harmonic balancer, so you might also want to perform constant maintenance, especially on engine parts. Additionally, you should check for the balancer bolts and take note if they already appear loose or stripped. These defective bolts must be properly torqued so that the harmonic balancer would be able to suppress excessive vibration.

    Clean the harmonic balancer's surface with a steel wool.

    There are several harmonic balancer parts that would need to be cleaned in order to keep the part fully functional. If you want to clean the balancer's surface, it is best to use a steel wool. Additionally, you may clean the part's timing marks with a mechanic's needle and you may also apply some semi-gloss for best results.

    Clean the harmonic balancer seals.

    Cleaning the insulators of your harmonic balancer should not be that complicated. You will only have to media blast the part. Take note though that the process should be performed carefully so that the outside markings of the part are not erased.