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Pontiac Weatherstrip Seal

Driving during these situations can really be so irritating and can turn your day into a bad one. Have you ever experienced getting wet by droplets of rain coming from the outside of your car even though the window or door is closed? Or have you ever encountered a not so cold car room even though the air conditioning unit is on its coolest level? If you answered yes then maybe you should try examining the weatherstrips of your windows and doors if they are still in good conditions or still functioning properly. Weatherstrips are the rubber strips that make a vehicle's windows, doors, and trunk watertight and they are used to fill the gaps between these panels and car's body.

Moreover, weatherstrips are also used to cushion glass and prevent them from rattling. Weatherstripping is also used to weatherproof truck boxes and other specialty products and they used and marketed in conjunction with the fuzzy metal placed on either side of a vehicle's window at the top of the door called window felt. Window felt also helps keep moisture from entering the inside of the door, since moisture can cause rust.

Good quality vehicles like the Pontiac can also come to a point of parts deterioration to a certain extent. Damaged weatherstrips of your Pontiac vehicle would only mean one thing and that is to replace them immediately using Pontiac weatherstrips! Since rubber are vulnerable to melting or hardening over time considering weather conditions, regular Pontiac weatherstripping can be done to avoid some problems.

Aside from water or snow getting in to your car or the cold air of your air conditioning unit coming out in exchange of hot air, another common problem that damaged weatherstrips can incur is the possibility of the window glasses being stuck up in unwanted position either open, closed or just halfway which makes staying or leaving your car can bring serious problems. Replace your old weatherstrips ands start Pontiac weatherstripping to avoid damaging leaks, irritating whistles and rattles, possible stuck up and poor cooling room.

Pontiac Weatherstrip Seal Models