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Pontiac Windshield Wiper Arm

Solving the Problems with Your Pontiac Windshield Wiper Arm

Your wiper's cleaning blade isn't a metal part that's similar to a barber's razor. It's actually the long rubber strip that squeaks against the windshield to sweep away water or debris, so you can see the road more clearly. Yet, it will be nothing but a glorified squeegee if it wasn't for your Pontiac windshield wiper arm. It holds the wiper blade and controls its movement so that you don't have to clean the windshield by hand. This is why it's important for you to be aware of any problems caused by a broken wiper arm or two.

The wipers are not cleaning the windshield properly.

Appearances can be deceiving. One or both of your wiper arms might seem undamaged, but when you turn on the wiper switch, they might not be able to clean your windshield properly. Instead, they will just flail about, but in a manner that's different from how normal wipers work. This could be because of a loose nut at the base of each wiper arm. You'll need to remove this nut with your fingers or a pair of needle-nose pliers. Afterwards, put in a replacement part and tighten it into place.

The wipers have been damaged in a collision.

Being in an accident is no laughing matter, even if it's only a small incident. If your Pontiac managed to survive a collision that affected its front, then you should also check the wipers for any damages. If you see that their wiper arms have been bent, then you should check if they could still lie flat against the windshield. If they don't, then their internal springs have been stretched out of shape and they need to be replaced.

The wipers won't work.

If both your Pontiac windshield wiper arms have stopped working, it could be because of a broken fuse. You'll need to locate your vehicle's fuse box and use a fuse puller to take out the fuse for the wipers. If you see that this isn't intact, replace it with a new one and check if it works. If it still doesn't work, then replace the windshield wiper motor as well.

If only one of the arms have stopped working, then it could be because of a faulty connection between the two arms. Open your hood and remove the wiper arms. You'll see as small grille where the linkage that connects the arms to the windshield wiper motor is located. Check if the linkage is still intact, otherwise, you'll need to replace it.

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  • Tips on Keeping Pontiac Windshield Wiper Arm at Its Peak

    Your Pontiac windshield wiper arm is essential to helping you see the road more clearly as you drive. It holds a rubber blade that removes dust, water, or snow from your windshield. The wiper blade can't do its job without it the arm, because it is the component that pivots so that the blade can reach up and across the windshield. That's why you need to ensure that you keep your wiper arm at its peak by following these simple tips:

    Clean it

    You can give a little more tender loving care to your Pontiac windshield wiper arms by using a trisodium phosphate cleanser and some steel wool to really clean them up and remove the hard water and debris that might have built up on them. Just don't forget to rinse them dry with a water hose afterwards and let them air dry completely.

    Park it

    Wiper arms are made out of metal and they're spring-loaded so they rest flat against the windshield during a storm. Unfortunately, these characteristics also mean that they could damage the glass windshield if you aren't careful during a wiper blade replacement. After you've taken out the old blade, you need to park the wiper arm gently against the windshield so that it stays flat while you prepare the new one. This will prevent the wiper arm from snapping back into place and cracking your windshield.

    Twist it

    You won't be able to fix your Pontiac windshield wiper arm if its internal springs are too damaged. However, you can still return a slightly bent arm back into shape. Just use a pair of pliers to twist the arms until they run parallel to the windshield when you bring the wiper up mid-stroke. This will also stop the chattering sound that you hear.

    Paint it

    Your windshield wiper arms also have paint that can chip away and make it look dull. If you want to ensure that this part looks as good as the rest of your Pontiac, you can repaint it with a bit of semi-glossy black paint that's intended to go over metal parts. Just wipe the old paint away with some paint thinner and clean it well before spraying three coats over the wipers. Make sure that the paint isn't too glossy since it can distract you from driving.