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Porsche 911 Power Antenna

Usual Signs of a Problematic Porsche 911 Power Antenna

Needless to say, your sports car is a head-turner wherever you go. It boasts of different features that contribute to a relaxing and comfortable ride. These include your radio and GPS features. However, these devices would be nothing without your power antenna which receives the radio signals that make them work. To avoid annoying problems with your radio and GPS, you need to make sure your Porsche 911 power antenna is always attended to. Following are signs that you need to take a good look at your power antenna:


The mast of your power antenna is lowered and raised with the help of a motor and gears found at the gear box. Over time, the gears wear out because of constant use. When they are struggling to move your power antenna mast, they make noises that can easily be heard even while you are driving. This issue might be caused by a bent mast which does not allow being raised or lowered, making the gears work harder. When you experience this problem, try and fix the bent mast or have the power antenna replaced altogether.

Power antenna does not stop working

There might come a time when your motor continues to work for about 15 seconds even though the mast is raised or lowered all the way up or down. This is evident when you still hear your gear box working. This is caused by misaligned gears. With this, take out your gear box and check the gears.

No reception

If your radio and GPS turn on but do not receive any reception from your Porsche 911 power antenna, the problem may lie with the connections of your power antenna. The antenna is directly connected to your radio and GPS with wires. These wires may have corroded, causing disruption with the radio signal delivery. When you experience this problem, take out your voltmeter and check current flow on the wires.

Poor reception

Another reception problem with your power antenna is having poor reception. This can be a sign that the mast is loose. It may be slightly misplaced, causing static sound and poor reception. When you experience this issue, check your mast for loose positioning. You can fix the problem by tightening the mast with your hands.

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  • Porsche 911 Power Antenna Preventive Maintenance

    Your power antenna may be one of the less important components of your sports car. However, damage on this part would entail problems with your radio and GPS devices, making your vehicle less of a head-turner. With this, you need to take good care of your Porsche 911 power antenna. Following are some easy ways for you to make sure it is always working well:

    Make it a habit to lubricate your power antenna mast.

    A common issue with your power antenna is a stuck mast. This problem may be prevented by constantly lubricating the mast. Doing so provides smooth operations with less possibility of getting stuck. However, you need to make sure you are using the correct lubricant. Most lubricant products attract dirt which can damage the mast. A safe bet would be a thin layer of graphite lubricant. This kind of lubricant does not draw dirt while keeping the mast smooth all the time.

    Clean your power antenna mast every 10,000 miles of driving.

    The mast attracts dirt and grit that may cause it to get stuck from time to time. Wiping the mast upward would remove the smallest deposit of dirt and grit. When giving your car a wash, you can have the mast raised so you can give it a wipe. Make sure you remove excess soap or any substance that might draw dirt. The most advisable time of cleaning your power antenna mast is between 10,000 miles of drives.

    Know when to lower your Porsche 911 power antenna mast.

    The mast consumes a lot of horizontal space, so you should know when to lower it. Damage in the mast may cause problems with the radio reception signal. When you are about to enter a place with low clearance, lower the mast to avoid scratching or bending. These places include an automatic car wash and your garage. Being more conscious on these places would help prolong the life of your power antenna.

    Seal the gear box.

    Your power antenna is just as good as its gear box. The gear box contains the gears and motor that raise and lower the mast. Damage in any of these components may require replacement of the whole power antenna. With this, you need to make sure the gear box is properly sealed because water and contaminants damage these parts.