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Porsche 912 Parts and Porsche 912 Accessories

The Porsche 912 was an entry-level coupe put out by the famed German luxury sports car brand in the late 1960s. "Entry-level" might seem an alien concept to a company that today sells its sports cars for very high prices, but it was a valid concern in the 60swhen the automotive industry was saturated with many companies and cars vying for public's attention. The rationale behind the 912 came from the company's fear that the 911s high price point would result in lower sales and poor brand appeal. What resulted was actually something that went far beyond Porsche's expectations.

While the Porsche 912 indeed featured a "less-powerful" engineall to lower the cost of the carit actually ended up making it one of the few vehicles to upgrade with a downgrade. After all, this "entry-level" car did manage to capture the top spot in the European Rally Championship in 1967. In vintage rally races today, it still manages number one spotsnot bad for the "poor man's" 911. Proving it was as versatile as it was powerful, the 912 also donned the role of law enforcerbeing the car of choice for the incredible lucky Dutch police force!

It may look datedafter all, the last Porsche 912 did come out in 1969but one cannot deny that this Porsche still has an undeniable appeal and charm. Those lucky to still have oneor those looking for oneare pleased to find that there are still a lot of high-quality Porsche 912 parts floating around in the market today. That is an amazing testimonial considering the many decades since the last new one came off the assembly lines! For anything you might need to refurbish or replacefrom the engine block and its components all the way to the exhaust systemthere is a quality product to keep your Porsche 912 running and highly relevant.