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Porsche 928 Parts and Porsche 928 Accessories

What You Don't Know about the Porsche 928

  • The producers of Magnum, P.I., a television series starring Tom Selleck, originally intended to use a Porsche 928, so they asked Porsche to produce one with an extra large sunroof for aerial shots. Due to a strict policy of Porsche of not doing any special specifications-and that includes Porsche 928 parts and Porsche 928 accessories-at customer requests, the Ferrari GTS was chosen instead.

  • The Porsche 928 became the fastest-selling car in North America in the early 80's. Replacing Porsche's iconic 911, the 928 combined the power, poise, and handling of a sports car with the refinement and comfort of a luxury sedan to create what Porsche executives thought would be a vehicle with wider appeal than the compact, quirky, and sometimes difficult 911.

  • Al Holbert set a Federation Internationale de l'Automobile international class speed record while driving a stock 928 at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1986. His speed was 171.110 miles per hour.

  • The Porsche 928 was elected European Car of the Year in 1978, becoming the only vehicle from the sports car class to have won this contest so far and defeating the BMW series 7 and the Ford Granada. The 928 was the model that had to replace the decaying 911, which took 125 hours to build in 1992.

  • Tom Cruise's character Joel Goodson in the 1983 teen comedy-drama film Risky Business used his father's Porsche 928 to drive himself and a friend around town late at night when his parents went out of town for a business trip. Goodson and his friend also managed to get themselves chased by gangsters and escaped using the Porsche 928. A second Porsche 928 was used in the movie, but apparently only for one scene. It can be seen in the scene where Rebecca de Mornay's character Lana accidentally bumps the car out of gear right before it rolls into the lake. Notice the interior door skin has a different color combination as well as an extra speaker and the seats are cream-colored, not light brown like in all of the other car scenes.

  • As of July 2012, the Porsche 928 in Risky Business has been up for sale to the public. Volo Cars is selling the Porsche that Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay fooled around in in the 1983 Warner Bros. comedy. This Porsche's asking price is in the mid-fifties, well above what a car like this would normally go for.

Porsche 928 Articles

  • Some of the Most Common Problems Hounding the Porsche 928

    From its controversial introduction in 1978 (controversial as it was rumored to replace the then old model 911) until the end of its production in 1995, the Porsche 928 earned its reputation as a solid sports car. Aluminum was used quite extensively throughout the 928 including just about everything in front of the A-pillars and most other major castings, lending it considerable weight savings, which is a necessary component given all the luxury packed on the car. Drivers looking to buy a used one should keep in mind that the model has exhibited a few problem areas worth knowing about, such as the following, so they better make sure to check it over before taking it for a run. Here are some issues concerning Porsche 928 parts and Porsche 928 accessories.


    Aligning a 928 is not a trivial matter; special consideration should be taken by drivers when doing so. Poorly aligned 928s have too much negative camber (which is great for road racing, bad for street driving) and will wear out the inside treads before the outsides even begin to show wear. The problem with this is that the springs do not settle after the car has been lifted.


    Vacuum lines, coolant hoses, and oil seals all leak horribly on a car that has not been driven in a while. This is particularly common on the complex 928.

    Air conditioning

    Many used cars have problems with refrigerant leaking from the air conditioner, and the 928 is no exception. Old seals allow Freon-which plays an essential role in the air conditioning's ability to cool the car-escape from the system.

    Starting problems

    The 928 may develop problems with the fuel pump or electronic engine control module (ECM), preventing the car from starting.

    Timing belt

    If the timing belt breaks, major and expensive engine damage to the vehicle will result. Porsche recommends changing the timing belt every 60,000 miles; some mechanics recommend changing it every 45,000 miles.

    Central warning system erratic due to electrical interference

    Due to electrical interference from cellular phones and secondary ignition faults, the Porsche 928's central warning system display can be erratic.

    General issues

    The 928's traction issues include a limited slip differential standard on post September 1989-built cars. Drivers also complained of stiff steering caused by the wearing of front suspension ball joints or steering shaft universal joints.