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Porsche A/C Condenser

A failed Porsche AC condenser can certainly detract from the pleasure of driving your Porsche during the hot and humid days of summer, those days when even open windows don't provide enough relief, especially during city driving. There are some maintenance processes that you can perform to help your Porsche AC condenser last longer, such as using a special tool called a fin comb to remove the debris and dirt that collects on the many fins over time. This should be done fairly frequently, but very carefully, as the fins of your Porsche AC condenser are a bit delicate. However, leaving the debris will reduce their ability to dissipate the heat as they should and provide a perfect place for moisture to collect, potentially hastening the corrosion process. And, corrosion is a danger for the metal fins and tubing that make up the Porsche AC condenser, due to its location at the extreme front of the engine compartment. The Porsche AC condenser needs to have access to the free flowing air that passes into the engine compartment through the grill, but the rain, snow and road splash that also enters through the grill can cause rust to erupt, eating away at the fins and through the tubing, causing leaks. Once these types of damages begin to occur, the fading of the power of your Porsche AC condenser to serve its role in the cooling of your vehicle has begun. You can affordably repair the problem by choosing your replacement Porsche AC condenser from among the numerous Porsche parts and accessories that we carry, and enjoy the satisfaction of receiving a quality, dependable part at a reasonable price, something that, as a Porsche owner, you already know can be difficult at times. We make it safe and easy to order your new Porsche AC condenser, offering both a secure site for online ordering and a toll-free telephone number, if you'd prefer to place your order directly with one of our customer service specialists.