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Porsche Boxster Parts and Porsche Boxster Accessories

Fun Facts about the Porsche Boxster

  • It is no surprise that Porsche models have that unique appeal that catches the fancy of many sports car aficionados. In fact, reviewed one of its famous models-the Porsche Boxster-as the fastest selling Porsche in history. Offering the thrill of top-down driving and a throaty exhaust note, the Boxster remains up to date as one of the best selling Porsche cars, along with Cayenne and Panamera.

  • Weighing a mere 2,811 pounds, the 2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder is the lightest Porsche model available in the market today. Despite its lightweight configuration, the sports car is still as powerful as its brothers with a 3.4 L six-cylinder engine capable of producing 320 horsepower. As you can see, it provides the perfect balance of weight and performance.

  • To celebrate the Porsche Boxster's 50th anniversary in the year 2004, the car company released a series of classy and elegant limited edition models. A Porsche Boxster 550 was introduced with a painted GT Silver Metallic trim, which was similar to the Porsche Carrera GT supercar. In addition, all limited edition models had unique cocoa-brown full-leather interiors, with a gray natural leather as a no-cost option.

  • As a well-loved luxury car, the Porsche Boxster has also become a popular choice in the Hollywood circuit. In fact, it is known that many celebrities, which include some of the most famous actors and musicians, drive this outstanding model.

  • The Porsche Boxster is not only famous to actors and musicians but also to sports celebrities. In fact, Sachin Tendulkar, the only batsman to score 100 tons in international cricket, owns his very own Boxster model. You see, the famed Indian cricket player is also known to be a fan of luxury cars. He also owns a Mercedes Benz C36 and a Nissan GT-R, among others.

  • In the video game Need for Speed: World, the Porsche Boxster Spyder was the first open-top car vehicle to be released. In addition, it was a giveaway for Electronic Arts' Summer Countdown last June 18, 2002. A month later, the Porsche Boxster Spyder was again given as a gift but this time, it was for registered users of

Porsche Boxster Articles

  • Porsche Boxster: Not the Worst but Maybe Not the Best

    Known as the stylish two-seater roadster, the Porsche Boxster comes out with the Porsche Torque Vectoring feature and a Sport Chrono Package that allows this sports car to reach much higher speeds. Porsche reports that its latest Boxster can save fuel 15 percent better than the previous model. With good looks and superb power, more buyers choose to drive this vehicle. But Boxster owners should take note of these common problems to prepare themselves in the event they experience these issues.

    Intermediate shaft bearing

    The engine on the Porsche Boxster usually experiences a failing intermediate shaft bearing, which can cause the engine to self-destruct. When oil seeps out of the bearing seal, it eliminates the original lubricant and causes the intermediate shaft bearing to wear out prematurely. This results to the possible disengagement of the timing chains on the engine, which only causes your engine to completely die as the bearing allows contaminants and debris to circulate throughout the engine block. Porsche owners, who experience this problem, have their vehicle's engine replaced to remedy this issue. In fact, there is no other possible fix for this problem but to install a new engine.

    Automatic Transmission

    Another common Porsche Boxster problem is its faulty automatic transmission, which may have been equipped with an incorrectly adjusted key-lock cable that is connected to the shift selector. This results to the selector lever being shifted to another gear from the park position, and this causes your parked vehicle to move and possibly crash, especially if the parking brake isn't on. Because it heavily affects the drivers and passengers' safety, about 12,234 potentially affected units have been ordered to be inspected and have the key-lock cable adjusted.


    Although a low-risk problem, the erratic tune knob on the stereo can definitely annoy drivers and passengers who listen to the radio while on the road. Drivers have complained that the tune knob on their stereos randomly works and that it skips radio stations on its own. Installing a new stereo has been reported to solve this problem. However, further reports show that the same problem can happen on the newly installed stereo. In fact, the faulty tune knob still persists even after the third replacement. This pushes Boxster owners to doubt whether they should blame the stereo or Porsche's bad electrical connections.

  • 6 Interesting Things You Didn't Know about the Porsche Boxster

    Ever wondered where Porsche Boxster got its name from? Well, if you're thinking of a peculiar or funny etymology, you're leading toward the wrong direction. The name Boxster is actually a combination of two words: boxer and roadster. Now, this sports car has got nothing to do with boxing. It just means that the car is equipped with a horizontally opposed or boxer-type engine. The roadster, meanwhile, just reflects the body design of this vehicle-a two seater with a convertible top.

    If you're a fan of the 2000 hit song It Wasn't Me by Shaggy, you would have surely noticed the sleek Porsche Boxster 986 that received a pretty long exposure in the music video. We all know what the song and video is about. So does having a Porsche Boxster going to make you say "it wasn't me" too? You decide.

    Been watching CSI: Miami? If you have, you should have seen the Porsche Boxster making its appearances in the popular crime scene series. Yes, appearances because the sleek sports car was used in the show more than once. Surely, this is great publicity for the roadster. But with the name Porsche Boxster has already made for itself, it no longer needs to be advertised.

    Sure, the name Boxster can be quite tricky to spell the first time. But an advertising agency in London the German automaker had paid to promote the latest Boxster made a huge blunder after forgetting the letter S in the model name printed on all billboards. Care for a Boxter, anyone?

    If you're a fan of racing games and Porsche Boxster, did you know that Sony published in 1997 a racing game for PlayStation that exclusively features Porsche Boxsters? It's called Porsche Challenge, and this will definitely look awesome in your collection.

    In 2010, Porsche released another variant named Boxster Spyder. Positioned above the Boxster S, this sleeker and faster roadster was branded as the lightest Porsche on the market with its remarkable 1,275 kilogram weight. This makes it 80 kilograms lighter than the Boxster S. But do you ever ask yourself from where Porsche got the name Spyder?

  • Porsche Boxster Problems

    Originally designed as a roadster with a soft-top roof, the sports car Porsche Boxster lifted the company from its sagging sales. It was improved over the years and was in fact been considered as the bestselling car in Porsche history. With several unique features plus a charismatic design, more and more buyers fancy this Porsche model as their number one choice for a vehicle. However, owners should take note of these possible problems so they can plan ahead of time.

    Brake Problems

    Like most sports cars, some of the common problems with the Porsche Boxster involve the vehicle's brake system. The company Porsche has been known to engineer its vehicles with higher tolerances for wear and tear. Despite this stronger durability, the models are more susceptible to overheating. This heat sensitivity is a result of thinner brake rotors, which Porsche is quite known for. As a result, most Porsche Boxster models have frequently warped rotors. Luckily, these brake problems are easily detectable because of noticeable screeching sounds and rotor discoloration.

    Transmission system defects

    The Porsche Boxster's transmission system also involves several issues. Often times, the difficulty of shifting is attributed to problems in the car's transmission fluid. This Porsche model should have the transmission and integrated differential properly lubricated to prevent the wearing and tearing of the transmission rings and sliders. Porsche advises Boxster owners to change the transmission fluid at least every 30,000 miles or every two years, depending on use.

    Another transmission problem may involve the fast degradation of the rubber on the transmission mounts. Porsche Boxster models have mounts that can become more brittle at a faster rate. As a result, these mounts are not able to hold the drivetrain securely during shifting. Fortunately, Porsche Boxster owners only have to look for cracks as well as leaking to check if the mounts are already defective.

    Faulty suspension parts

    Aside from the Porsche Boxster's transmission defects, the vehicle also frequently encounters defective suspension parts. Some common parts to replace include the Constant Velocity joints, boots, and axle hat connect the wheels to the car's transmission. It is a good thing though that the faulty parts are easily detected by listening for clunking sounds in the rear axle when driving.