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Porsche Cayenne Acc Cabin Filter

Detecting Common Troubles with the Porsche Cayenne Acc Cabin Filter

Anyone who's anyone will tell you that air conditioning is one of those givens that you simply can't live without. Even a classy ride like the Porsche Cayenne drops down a few notches in terms of appeal without a working air conditioning system. While we all know that the air conditioning is primarily to keep things cool, part of it also serves to filter and clean up the air that reaches you within your cabin. That's where an acc cabin filter comes. Like the name implies, this filter blocks harmful particles-like dirt, dust, and grime-from invading your cabin. It also keeps the air fresh so you don't inhale the dirt and dust scattered in your surroundings. Being so vital, there are a few things you have to look for to make sure your filter is still in tip-top shape.

Foul smells and odd dust clouds-inside

One of the major symptoms that your acc cabin filter needs cleaning-or even replacing-is when you start to detect foul-smelling odors in the cabin when the air conditioning is powered-up. The unique construction of the cabin filter allows it to normally block bacteria and particles that produce the foul odors we smell around us. With these particles being some of the smallest in the world, they're the first to break through when your cabin filter is starting to go on the fritz. When these foul odors are accompanied by dirt or dust clouds, then you really have to start checking that filter. The good news is that, more often than not, your filter isn't so much broken as it is probably clogged at this point, so a good cleaning is all you will really need.

Loud noises or choking under the hood

At the absolute worst state-and with continued neglect-not only will your cabin start to smell bad, but your filter will start to "cough" as well. This is actually caused by the increased pressure in the intake caused by the buildup of dirt and dust clogging and restricting the passageway of air. Again, this does not necessarily necessitate a replacement but a lot of cleaning should be a priority at this point.

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  • How to Keep Your Porsche Cayenne Acc Cabin Filter in the Best Condition 27 February 2013

    The Porsche Cayenne is one of the classiest, most luxurious mid-sized, luxury SUVs in the world today. Unbeknown to many, part of the experience of total comfort and luxury comes from a system that few people even truly notice: the air conditioning. Imagine having all the amazing perks and plus packages of something branded Porsche but without air conditioning-not something to be happy about. Even more obscure is the acc cabin filter. True, it doesn't contribute in any way to keeping things cool, but is nonetheless invaluable because it keeps the air clean and free of dust, dirt, contaminants, and even nasty smells. That's why it's important to take care of your Porsche Cayenne acc cabin filter.

    Check for signs of damage-gently

    The key to the whole air filter is the material the forms the fins that line the length of the filter's surface. More often than not, these are made out of paper, foam, or cotton that is specifically milled and formed to be able to catch dirt and dust effectively. While these are-more often than not-very carefully constructed, they are prone to damage and wearing out over time. The most common damage you might want to look out for is tearing along the length of the fins. In terms of more long term and far-spanning damage, you might want to check if the fins-normally pliable-have hardened or gone brittle. Whatever state of damage it's in, it's always a good idea to replace them right away-they're very affordable anyway.

    Clean it all over-carefully

    Before you pull out all the heavy duty scrubs, brushes, and cleansers, you have to remember that-again-the filter is constructed from very plible and easily damaged materials. Cleaning, therefore, shouldn't be done haphazardly. In any case, keeping the cabin filter is easy, and only requires you to run it through warm flowing water for a couple of minutes. There's really no need for soaps or cleaning solutions-these can actually damage r weaken the fins. If the dirt and dust build up is particularly bad, you can opt to wipe these congealed dirt masses off with a soft, clean cloth.