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Increase in road performance can be achieved by installing a premium power programmer. Make sure your car is equipped with only the best power programmer.
Your car's potential is meaningless if you can't harness it. You need the right equipment to bring out your vehicle's maximum performance. So how do you milk every single ounce of power from your engine every time you drive your car? You purchase a Power Programmer that turns your vehicle's potential into a reality.
Power programmers give you absolute control over your engine's fine-tuning for better fuel combustion and maximized engine function. These electronic components may be small enough to fit your palm, but once inserted into your ride's diagnostic port, they instantly become miniature computers. From your ride's identification number to your car's exact powertrain, transmission, and drivetrain specifications, the programmer quickly shows you all the numbers. It then downloads a Power Tuning program that will allow you increase your engine's torque and horsepower. It can also calibrate changes in your gear ratio and fuel-to-air ratio. Once proper adjustments have been made, you can experience a significant increase in your car's performance. Plus, you can also go back to factory settings anytime you choose.
With a high-quality Power Programmer, boosting your car's performance is only a push of a button away. Harness your car's potential by fine-tuning every aspect of your vehicle's specs and ensuring efficient performance from your ride at all times.

Power Programmer Articles

  • The Automobile Basics: Power Programmer

    Better engine operation is a matter of having the right devices in your car. One of the most effective ways to enhance an engine's performance without necessarily modifying the entire system is through the use of a reliable power programmer. As its name implies, this device is designed to fine-tune the engine to maximize the car's power, fuel efficiency, and torque. What it does is it plugs into your vehicle's port (usually the diagnostic port) and modifies the various factors affecting your engine's efficiency. Most power programmers are capable of adjusting your vehicle's ignition timing, tire size, odometer, speedometer, and air and fuel ratios. Doing so enables the power programmer to bring out the best performance out of your vehicle. Now, while increase in torque and engine power may vary depending on the type of programmer used in the vehicle, a good programmer should give your engine a power boost of at least 100 horsepower. That's a pretty big power boost, making this programmer an ideal add-on for street and strip applications. Another excellent feature of great power programmers is that they can also be used to monitor your ride's various sensors. This type of power programmer is usually capable of reading diagnostic trouble codes-making it easier for you to troubleshoot your car for problems. Because of the many benefits offered by power programmers, auto enthusiasts are encouraged to invest in this type of device.

  • The Automobile Basics: Power Programmer - Part II

    Problems are bound to arise from your vehicle. But to find out what solution you should take to solve these problems, you need to be able to diagnose them properly first. And there's no better way to do that than with a scan tool and code reader. This device helps you diagnose the trouble codes given off by your engine's computer. It comes with a CD software that contains most of the diagnostic codes used by today's technicians. By giving you the proper diagnostic codes, it allows you to determine how to go about fixing the problem at hand. What makes this gadget an effective tool is its easy-to-use interface and display screen. Since you can navigate through it with ease, you won't run into any problems trying to make the scan tool and code reader work. Plus with its clear display screen, you won't have a problem reading the diagnostic codes given off by the device. Remember that as a vehicle owner, you're bound to run into some engine problems somewhere down the line. So to make it easy for you to diagnose them and find a solution, it's best to invest in a scan tool and code reader. This will help you find ways to fix your car and resolve problems more efficiently.

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Power Programmer

    Thanks to the auto engineers behind power programmers., you can enhance your car's power and performance without crawling under the hood. Now, it's easy to boost your ride by increasing its horsepower and torque. Once plugged into your vehicle's under-dash diagnostic plug, the power programmer reads your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to obtain crucial information on the engine, transmission and drive train. Upon recognizing the power train, the power programmer will then display a series of yes or no questions that require your inputs. Once you put all your answers in, the vehicle's computer will be then reset to unleash the engine and drive train's maximum horsepower, torque and efficiency. A topnotch power programmer can improve your vehicle's fuel economy. Enjoy all these benefits just by plugging in a superchip power programmer. Get one today from Auto Parts Deal!

    • Ensure maximum horsepower and torque gains

    • Can save you money by improving mileage and fuel economy

    • Features a hassle-free plug-and-play installation