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Power Steering Hose

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The power steering hose connects the power steering pump to the cylinders that enables a vehicle to turn left and right easily. Also known as the power steering pump or PS pump, it takes a pressurized power steering fluid right into the steering rack and uses it to control a steering wheel's rate of turn.
Aside from its use in power steering lines, it is also being utilized in hydraulics, air, fuel and lubricating oil applications. It contains resistant fabric cover and a patented synthetic rubber tube and is outfitted with standard steel reusable fittings. A hydraulic pump driven by a belt from a crankshaft pulley to provide up to 1,300 psi (8,964kPa) of "boost" pressure needed to operate the power-steering system.
The power steering systems are made up of two hoses - a high-pressure hose and a low-pressure hose. Made up of a reinforced synthetic compound, the high-pressure hose have hose fittings that are usually double-flared compression fittings while the low-pressure hose may not use compression fittings due to the lesser amount of pressure that passes through it. Additionally, the high-pressure (supply) hose carries high-pressure oil from the power steering pump to the steering gear and the low-pressure (return) hose brings oil from the steering gear back to the pump or its reservoir.
To perform these heavy-duty requirements, a high-pressure power steering hose must be able to handle fluid at peak temperatures as high as 150 degrees Celsius and pulsed pressures from 0 to 115 bar at 30 to 40 cycles per minute for up to 500,000 cycles without leakage. These stringent auto-industry specifications also require that such hoses must remain leak-free following a 20 cycle cold start test run at -40 degree Celsius.

Power Steering Hose Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Power Steering Hose

    A quality power steering makes flawless steering possible. If you want the same thing for your car, install only proven high quality power steering hose.
    You can't drive without the steering wheel. This is a literal and obvious fact that everybody knows-not unless if he or she does not know what a steering wheel is, of course. But that is okay because what is not commonly known is how the steering wheel really works. If you steer to the right, your car turns to the right and it turns to the left when you steer to that direction.
    Some of you have knowledge about the steering wheel limited to that extent. We could practically name a new guessing game show by just asking random people on the street how the steering wheel works. But we do not really need to do that, of course. The answer readily lays on only one power steering component, that is, the power steering hose.
    The power steering hose is part of the hydraulic powered steering system that takes the direction directly from you, and relays it to the steering rack. The steering rack does the job of making your vehicle turn to whichever direction you wish to go to. Power steering hoses use pressure from the steering fluid to power the steering rack, especially when you are turning into a direction. Power steering hoses, however, are prone to leakage over time. Although it depends on how they are installed, the quality of the power steering hoses also matters. The higher the quality of the power steering pressure hose is, the greater the delay of its deterioration.

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Power Steering Hose

    Hydraulic automotive technology brings a lot of benefits to the modern driver. Take power steering, for example. Power steering helps you turn your vehicle with less effort, making driving easier. For you to keep enjoying this , though, all components of the power steering system should be in top shape. This is particularly true for the power steering (P/S) hose. The P/S hose allows hydraulic steering fluid to flow to and from the steering rack. Your vehicle's power steering system contains a pressure hose and a return hose. The pressure hose takes fluid from the reservoir and feeds it to the steering rack. As soon as steering effort is reduced, fluid returns to the reservoir via the return line. With all the P/S hose's contact with high-pressure fluid, it really isn't surprising that this power steering component wears out easily. And you don't have to sweat it if that happens. Just browse through Auto Parts Deal's catalogs, and we guarantee that you can find a high-quality, affordable replacement for your vehicle's stock P/S hose.

    • Made from synthetic rubber, for resistance to wear and tear

    • Equipped with sturdy clamps

    • Can withstand high pressure and temperature