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Power Steering Pressure Hose

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Grace under pressure. That's the kind of confidence you should have behind the wheel. Whatever the situation, never lose your cool. Remember, the fastest drivers are also the most level-headed. A hot temper will only get you in more troublesome spots on the road. So will a faulty P/S pressure hose.You'll notice the problem almost immediately - the steering wheel suddenly becomes uncooperative and too heavy to turn. That's because hydraulic fluid pressure has been lost in the system through a leaking pressure hose.The power steering (P/S) pressure hose is responsible for handling the hydraulic fluid that helps multiply your steering effort. The easiest way to spot leaks in the system is to watch for fluid drips under your vehicle. You can also look for dirt build-up around the hoses. Leaked fluid attracts dirt, and that's likely where the leak is occurring.Once you spot this, it's definitely time for a replacement P/S pressure hose. Don't worry. Carparts is here to provide the right replacement.

• Extremely durable for zero leaks

• Provides direct fit for most power-steering systems

• Made from sturdy material that can endure high pressure