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Power Steering Pump

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Maintain steady pressure while steering with premium power steering pump. It keeps your car's power steering in top shape for better safety and drivability.
If your vehicle's power steering feature unexpectedly stops working, it might be because of steering pump failure. Your vehicle's power steering pump may be causing a loss or decrease in hydraulic pressure. To be sure, you should seek the assistance of an auto mechanic. When you ignore a problem concerning the power steering pump, you might find yourself struggling just to steer your vehicle.
Operated by the engine belt, the power steering pump uses hydraulic pressure to help you control your vehicle's movement more easily. This pump is equipped with a set of rotating vanes designed to draw hydraulic fluid from a return line. As you turn your vehicle's steering wheel, valves regulate the flow of hydraulic fluid from the steering pump to the steering axis. This process increases the steering axis' torque, in turn decreasing the effort needed to turn your vehicle's wheels.
Your vehicle's power steering pump usually contains a valve that relieves pressure build-up in case of high engine speeds. But of course, this valve is not enough to prevent steering pump failure. Buzzing or whining noises coming from under the hood are typical symptoms of a faulty steering pump. Once your mechanic diagnoses that you need to replace your vehicle's steering pump, don't look anywhere else. You can get the best power steering pump replacement here from us.

Power Steering Pump Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Power Steering Pump

    Do you hear a loud whining noise coming from your vehicle as you drive? Or a chattering in the steering wheel as you turn a corner? Both of these are early signs of a faulty power steering pump. So you better perform a thorough inspection before you experience the worst: complete failure of the power steering system.Remember, a damaged power steering pump can be dangerous. Located at the front of the engine, the power steering pump supplies the hydraulic pressure needed to ease steering effort during turns.More simply put, the power steering pump helps you efficiently turn your vehicle with less effort. And for you to keep enjoying this convenience, you need to keep the power steering pump in top condition.If you need to replace your stock power steering pump, Auto Parts Deal has the best option for you. Check out our wide selection of replacement parts for your vehicle's power-steering system.

    • A P/S pump from us includes 100 % new premium-grade seals that prevent leaking.

    • Our P/S pumps are computer-tested to measure pressure, bypass, fluid flow, valve operation, steering effort, and noise.

    • Remember to use the P/S pump with the right steering fluid, too, to prevent steering problems.