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Most of us think that towing is such a heavy-duty task. But mind you, as long as your ride is outfitted with correct towing equipment and you've got the right gear plus some practice and confidence, towing can just be as easy as driving a single vehicle. However, safety must always be your priority when you are pulling a trailer because no matter how easy or comfortable the process may be, the chances of meeting accidents will be big, especially if the rig isn't properly geared up for the task. Power Vision wants to make towing so much easier and safer for you by designing and manufacturing high-quality towing mirrors.

The array of towing mirrors from the said company is made up mostly of revolutionary 6-way power towing mirrors that are capable enough of providing drivers with the safest and most convenient solutions to rear view trailer needs especially for late model trucks or SUVs. The Power Vision mirror will sure surprise you with its fully electric operation. It extends up to 5 full inches, thus providing you tip-to-tip measurement between 109-112 inches. The said mirror also features aerodynamic cowling as well as sweep adjustment which allows you to customize the visual field to your requirements.

For frost-free rear view, Power Vision offers heated or non-heated mirrors. All units are available with or without turn signals. Mirrors from this manufacturer can be folded manually to fit into close quarters or upon impact. If what you want are mirrors that are made in the USA, then Power Vision got you covered. Anytime you need a towing mirror, whether for the driver side or the passenger side, this is the name to trust.