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Ensure safety while on the road with a high-quality mirror glass courtesy of PPG Auto Glass.
When it comes to automotive replacement glass solutions, one name stands out from the rest-PPG Auto Glass. The company boasts of a comprehensive inventory of domestic and foreign auto glass. PPG also has a wide selection of hard-to-find and unique vintage glass. With its extensive inventory, PPG Auto Glass has become one of the leading providers of automotive glass products, especially glass mirrors.
PPG Auto Glass mirror glasses are manufactured using the best and latest technologies in the industry today. They are also engineered to meet the highest quality standards. Thus, a PPG Auto Glass mirror glass is guaranteed to be durable, long lasting, and of high quality. The great thing about the company's products is that they are also priced reasonably. If you are looking for that particular mirror glass for your car but cannot seem to find the right fit, you can always turn to PPG. Windshields, side windows, rear windows-you name it, and the company has it. The company also offers a wide range of auto glass installation tools and materials from an extensive list of top-caliber suppliers. PPG has distribution centers in most states that stock thousands of parts and accessories, so you can be sure you can get what you need without any hassles.
So, whatever vehicle make and model you have and whenever you need automotive glass replacement, do yourself a favor and look for the name PPG Auto Glass. With the company's high-quality glass products, you can never go wrong. And now, shopping for PPG Auto Glass products is made easier and faster here in our secure and user-friendly website.

PPG Auto Glass Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying PPG Auto Glass Mirror

    Checking how your hair is parted in a bathroom mirror: OK. Checking how your hair is parted in your rear view mirror: not OK. You see, the mirrors in your ride weren't put there for vain purposes; they were manufactured to prevent unwanted mishaps. And no, having a bad hair day does not count as an unwanted mishap. Mirrors are specially designed and positioned on your vehicle to prevent accidents on the road. Your rear view mirror and side view mirrors allow you to see the cars behind you and on your sides. They're convenient to use because all you need to do is glance at them and you'll have a good idea where other vehicles, objects, and people are in relation to you and your auto. So whether you're changing lanes, making a turn, or reversing out of a parking space, it's a must that you have some sturdy mirrors. And for the best mirror quality around, you should opt for PPG auto glass.

    Mirrors require minimal maintenance, but they can get damaged or worn out over time. When this happens, your road safety could be seriously compromised, and that's why you need to have your faulty mirrors replaced with PPG auto glass right away. PPG is a well respected brand that has been providing high-quality glass products for the automotive, aerospace, and military industries for well over a century now. With their superb track record, you can be sure that their mirrors are of the best quality. PPG auto mirrors are very durable thanks to their vinyl core and laminated glass, making them ideal for driving through any road and weather conditions.

    Replacing your busted mirror using a brand-new PPG auto glass is simple and easy. And once you're done installing it, you're bound to enjoy superb visibility and safety on the road. So don't take any chances; put your trust in the very best replacement mirror glass in the business.

  • Choosing the Right PPG Auto Glass Product, For the Right Job

    PPG Auto Glass specializes in topnotch replacement glass for windows, windshields, and mirrors for different types of vehicles.

    Using first-rate materials, this company produces plain and colored glasses that can boost visibility as well as style.

    Most products by PPG Auto Glass are designed with original equipment fit to make installation easy.

    Auto owners will benefit a lot in terms of safety if they use PPG Auto Glass products in their vehicles.

    Putting on makeup and grooming would be pretty hard without a mirror check out how it is going. Basically, this is the use that mirrors are known for; however, mirrors are also essential for road safety when driving. Auto mirrors provide live representations of the car's surrounding areas for the driver to avoid collisions with other vehicles. A broken mirror glass is unable to provide accurate reflection, which can be dangerous for the occupants. It's vital for car owners to get only the best replacement like the PPG Auto Glass Mirror Glass. This product can be used in restoring the efficiency of all kinds of auto mirrors - rear views mirror, side mirror, towing mirror, a lot more. With its laminated feature plus vinyl layer, car owners can count on the durability of PPG Auto Glass Mirror Glass. This vinyl layer shields the outer glass layer so that it can't be harmed by harmful road elements. PPG Auto Glass provides its mirrors in a variety of sizes to fit different vehicle requirements. Installation doesn't pose any problem because each mirror glass is designed as a direct-fit OE replacement. Car owners don't have to worry when their mirror glass gets shattered by accident because the PPG Auto Glass Mirror Glass is widely available for replacement purposes. This product can easily be obtained in local stores as well as in online auto parts stores.

    Strong winds and heavy rain are some of the things that can compromise road safety. Passenger comfort is also sacrificed when these elements penetrate the car's interior. Instead of reaching their destination all hyped-up and happy, their mood will be dampened because of discomfort. To prevent the wind and rain from getting through, all gaps in the doors, windows, and even the windshield need to be sealed tightly. When it comes to sealing the windshield, the PPG Auto Glass Windshield Molding is the best material there is. This sealing solution is surely effective since it is the product of PPG's years of experience in manufacturing premium product glass and sealing solutions for the automotive industry. PPG uses nothing but the best and most durable materials in making its entire product range. Every windshield molding is made with a special protective coating to ensure it withstands regular exposure to extreme heat and cold. The PPG Auto Glass Windshield Molding needs to be installed accurately along the edge of the windshield glass and on one end of the channel. Precision is needed in its installation to ensure that not even one drop of moisture gets through. Car owners who are hands-on when it comes to their cars' repair and maintenance will find it easy to put the new PPG Auto Glass Windshield Molding in place. As with other auto parts, this windshield molding needs to be inspected and cleaned up on a regular basis for its long service life.

    Car crashes, head-on collisions and back over accidents can be prevented if drivers are able to see the road clearly. One way of having excellent road visibility is by equipping the vehicle with highly durable and capable mirrors. Factory-installed auto mirrors can provide adequate reflection of what is going on around the vehicle; however, there's still room for improvement in this aspect. The PPG Auto Glass Mirror is an excellent choice for people who want improved road visibility. PPG Auto Glass produces topnotch quality mirrors. Industry-best materials, complemented by advanced technologies are used in manufacturing not just auto mirrors, but also windows and windshields. PPG Auto Glass produces a variety of mirrors, from side mirrors to towing mirrors, for different vehicle makes and models. Long service life can be expected from the PPG Auto Glass Mirror because it is made of laminated glass that features a vinyl core. Even if it's exposed to harmful road elements, it still won't be broken easily. Wiping off the mirror glass on a regular basis is one of the best maintenance that a car owner can give to the glass mirror. Doing so will also ensure that its reflection is always good and accurate. Generally, auto mirrors including the PPG Auto Glass Mirror are easy to install. DIYers can do it by using simple hand tools.