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The heart of every great vehicle is the greater technology behind it. Programa is cognizant of the need for superior engine technology for optimum performance, that is why the company has dedicated itself in specializing in remanufacturing and repairing electronic control modules for all cars, especially of European brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo, Porsche, and Saab. The company's persistence towards continued innovation and research has made them the industry's leader for almost two decades. In a nutshell, the brand has been at the heart of the development of electronic control module repair for a long time.

One of the parts remanufactured by the company is the Programa climate control unit. Designed to monitor and adjust the vehicle's interior temperature, every unit produced is reliable and durable as it is fixed using high-quality replacement materials and the latest technology. You'll surely get the value of your money because the part undergoes rigorous tests in order to ensure that it functions better than the original. Programa also improves the programs of the unit to make controlling the temperature consistent and fully functional. It would be easier to get the desired level of temperature inside the car.

Similar to the climate control unit, the Programa A/C control unit is also more efficient than other replacements. You won't be having any more difficulty getting the right level of cold you need during hot weather. Programa's expert technicians can take care of the wiring of your broken down unit so it would allow you to do the necessary control. They can also provide a functional Programa idle control unit to ensure high fuel efficiency and performance. Programa's units have been tweaked and upgraded to ensure that your internal combustion engine runs smoothly with the proper amount of fuel and ignition timing.