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For your ignition system to perform well, all components must function the way they're supposed to. The ignition key releases electricity from the circuits to the ignition coil. The distributor dispenses all the electric force from the coil to the spark plugs and wires. As for the spark plugs, this component is indeed vital for the vehicle to run. After all, it routes power from the car batteries to the engine, allowing the car to function. As it generates electricity, a voltage of around 40,000 to 100,000 volts is produced.

A standard spark plug can cause a lot of wasted energy as it heats the ignition components from all the incoming voltages. Pulse Star Plugs, on the other hand, incorporates a pulse circuit where all the heat energy can be stored. It then releases all the stored energy to the engine for better road performance as it sends10 times more peak power than the ordinary 50-watt spark plug can do.

Pulstar Plugs also improve the combustion process of your engine as they enable your vehicle to run on a richer mixture of fuel and air for better throttle reaction. These plugs increase your car's horsepower and torque by a good percentage, thereby generating more power for high-speed driving. They also enhance the fuel economy of your automobile for better mileage. With all these advantages and more, it would be a no-brainer to have your current set of spark plugs replaced.

When it comes to the performance of your ignition system, you deserve the best. And only Pulstar Plugs can give you that and more. At our site, you have the option of choosing from an assortment of Pulstar Plugs that would surely suit your automobile. All it will take is a few mere clicks and you will be all set.

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  • Choosing the Right Pulstar Product, For the Right Job

    In every relationship, you need to get that kind of spark before the passionate romance begins. Same with your car, it needs the spark plug to get things started. That's why you have to choose Pulstar if you want to get the best out of your ride. Innovative and creative, their pulse plug is truly one-of-a-kind because of its ability to combine an increase in peak spark power to over a million watts of fuel igniting power. Because of this you get to maximize your vehicle's combustion, leading to a vast improvement in engine performance and fuel economy. Now ain't that sweet?

    The Pulstar spark plug will literally electrify the chemistry inside your ride. The heat created inside your engine will feel like a complete explosion of energy for your vehicle. Just like the intensity of the spark between soulmates who have met for the first time, the mixture of fuel and air would produce enough power to push your engine to do greater things and reach farther destinations. Life will flow throughout the system as the excited throttle responds quickly, releasing a greater amount of torque and achieving greater fuel economy.

    Pulstar has patented the design of their pulse plug as it is the only one who gives enough ignition power to improve all aspects of combustion quality. This integrated electrical capacitor focuses energy on the plug to allow torque to increase from 4% to 12% and produce more horsepower for the vehicle. Not only that, because of the efficient combustion, this spark plug can greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and provide a cleaner exhaust. This plug will fit most vehicle makes and models.