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Purge Valve

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Just because you're not passing your vehicle emissions tests doesn't mean your car's exhaust system is at fault. Another possible reason is purge valve failure, a problem that plagues engines with an electronic fuel injection (EFI) system. This valve is controlled by your car's electronic control unit (ECU).It directs fuel vapors from the fuel tank to the intake manifold for combustion. When these hydrocarbon vapors aren't properly burned and are released from the vehicle, they become harmful fumes that can cause you to fail your emissions test.Plus, this valve vents outside air into the fuel tank, helping the engine receive more oxygen for effective fuel combustion. If the valve fails for any reason, it can't route fuel vapors to the intake manifold. A faulty purge valve will also allow unmeasured air into the intake manifold. Since EFI systems can only function with measured air, a broken valve can cause problems when idling or accelerating.To avoid these hassles, replace this valve immediately when necessary. Fortunately, Carparts has a wide variety of high-quality purge valves offered at highly competitive prices.

• Prevents your car from releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere

• Helps the engine burn fuel more efficiently

• Available for most EFI-equipped engines