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On the road, your ride needs that something the sets it apart from the rest, which are mere conventional ones. Putco Bed Rail is on the forefront in bringing that kind of glitter. With a polished mirror finish that even a strand of hair could slide on, Putco Grill inserts are made from top-of-the-line 1/4" thick stainless steel. It is so easy to install that all you need i an included hex key. There are some models that are made available without logo cutouts.

The Putco Nerf Bar showcases a steel tubing that has a heavy gauge. These pairs of bad boys are polished chrome finish over gleaming stainless steel. The stainless substrate won't rust or corrode, and the wide plastic step pads aren't prone to UV damage. What's more, these molded-tread pads come in handy in knocking the mud off your feet during bad weather. These sparkling grill inserts are made through a special CNC technique, or precision cutting process that uses a sophisticated computer program. It eliminates thermal distortion and provides exact dimensional tolerances.

Since the 70's, Putco has always been committed in ensuring maximum customer satisfaction with its top-of-the-line accessories. No wonder it has created its niche in the market where it has been dominated all throughout. If diamonds are forever, so are Putco Grills.

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  • Tips on Buying Putco Grill, Nerf Bars & Pickup Bed Rails

    A Putco Grill is the easy way to separate your truck from every other one on the road. A Putco Grill is easy to install, looks great and most require no drilling. With a polished mirror finish and NeveRust Stainless Steel, your Putco Grill installs over the existing truck manufacturer's grill. There's no drilling, cutting or removal of grill components. Plus, a Putco Grill offers Putco's Lifetime Stainless Steel Warranty and NeveRust Lifetime Warranty. Coordinated bumper inserts are also available for most applications. If you demand the best, a Putco Grill is your only choice.
    Putco Bed Rails come in a variety of styles to fit your needs. The Boss Locker Putco Bed Rail installs in minutes with easy, no-drill installation via bed stake pockets. Solid die cast construction allows for extreme tie down strength, and it fits all applications of the traditional locker side rails. Putco Bed Rails pop up lockers are made of 1 inch NeveRust stainless steel and have handy pop up tie downs with four tie down locations to handle any type of truck cargo.
    You can make your truck look even beefier with Boss Putco Nerf Bars. Custom made for your vehicle, with NeveRust stainless steel, Putco Nerf Bards have a 4-inch diameter heavy-duty tube with mirror finish. A customized mounting bracket is available for each application along with a non-skid aggressive step pad.
    Founded in 1975, Putco entered the after-market accessory industry with the first running board patent in the United States. Since then they have grown to become the leader in top of the line accessories. Their goal is to provide you with a unique product of extremely high quality and craftsmanship. Putco's lifetime warranty on most of its products is unmatched in the industry. Putco has always been a leader in the industry in every way. They pride themselves on staying on top of the latest engineering technologies to improve processes and efficiency in order to bring lower prices to you, the customer. They have a serious commitment to inventory so you will almost never have to wait on a backordered part. Their entire manufacturing process ensures that each and every Putco product conforms to the demanding standards of the company and their customers. For the best, choose Putco.

  • Choosing the Right Putco Product, For the Right Job

    A Putco grille can customize the front of your truck or SUV in minutes using durable, attractive die-cut stainless and aluminum accents

    Putco nerf bars allow your shorter or less flexible passengers to enter and exit your truck or SUV safely

    Tie down anything you want, anywhere you want with the flexibility of Putco bed rails on your truck

    You don't need to buy a Denali to look like you drive a Denalijust check out the great selection of Putco grilles to restyle the front of your truck

    There's no faster way to transform the front fascia of your truck or SUV than by installing a Putco grill. You know what we're talking aboutyou've been stopped in your tracks before by a Yukon or F-150 sporting a killer looking front end, but you weren't sure what was different. Most likely, that vehicle had a simple Putco grill installed over the factory meshwork. And when you find out how cost effective and easy to install a Putco grill is, you're going to wish you had picked one up ages ago. You see, the Putco grill simply applies over the top of your existing grill mesh using the supplied mounting hardware. You don't have to take any parts off your truck, and you don't have to drill any holes or make any cuts to install the Putco grill. Once in place, your Putco grill is going to stay put and handle whatever comes its way, thanks to heavy-duty steel construction with thick plating. And if your tastes change, you can simply remove your old Putco grill and install one with a new design. How's that for simple restyling? Each Putco grill carries a lifetime warranty, so even if you stick with your first Putco grill, you can count on it lasting the life of your vehicle. The hard part about buying a Putco grill is deciding which design to go withheck, at these prices, pick two or three and rotate your Putco grill throughout the year just to throw your friends off!

    If you spend a lot of time hauling cargo in the back of your pickup, it doesn't take long to realize the factory supplied tie-down hardware only goes so far. You need flexibility to tie your cargo down anywhere in the bedthe flexibility you get from Putco bed rails. Putco bed rails fit into the bed stake pockets that are already on your truck. Since the holes are already there, Putco bed rails require no drilling or other invasive measures to installthey simply bolt into factory-supplied holes. You get great-looking full-length tubes that allow you to tie down any cargo anywhere in the truck bed quickly and securely. Putco bed rails are made with solid die-cast end pieces and high-strength tubing so your load is secured tightly. Best of all, your Putco bed rails look as good as they perform. Available in chrome over stainless construction, Putco bed rails are guaranteed never to rust or corrode, and the shiny accent on your bed will really draw attention to your ride. Putco bed rails are available in a couple of different diameters for different load ranges, and each set of Putco bed rails is specially-designed for your specific truck, including stake mount locations and tube lengthdon't worry, though: Most popular applications are covered. So check out some Putco bed rails for your truck today and get your cargo strapped down the right way.

    You know why you need a Putco nerf bar set on your truck or SUV. Just because you're tall enough to comfortably climb into and out of your vehicle doesn't mean everyone is. Rather than make them stretch, heave, and possibly injure themselves, give your passengers a lift with a Putco nerf bar. Don't worry about marring the good looks of your truck. The Putco nerf bar features a polished chrome finish over stainless steel, so it's a great styling accessory for your truck too. The stainless substrate won't rust or corrode, and the wide plastic step pads on the Putco nerf bar itself aren't susceptible to UV damage. If you like the looks, you'll really enjoy the ease of installation. Putco nerf bar sets come with a specially-engineered no-drill installation system so you don't have to cut holes in your frame. The custom mounting hardware fits right in to factory holes with the supplied hardware, so it'll only take you an hour or two to bold on your new Putco nerf bar set. Many different tube diameters and applications are available too, so you can find the Putco nerf bar that's perfect for your truck or SUV. Check out our Putco nerf bar selection todaysince they feature a lifetime warranty and our everyday wholesale pricing, the Putco nerf bar is the side step to beat.