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Door Handle Cover by Putco

Three Things You Should Expect from Your Putco Door Handle Cover

Now that you have chosen a Putco door handle cover to replace the old and broken one in your car, you should expect an enhanced door operation. You'll no longer have to worry about interior door damage because this heavy-duty component provides the utmost protection against heat, moisture, and corrosion. Aside from being functional, this door handle cover is also very stylish. Its chrome finish will definitely complement with the paint of your car. With all these benefits, do you still wonder if this car accessory is really worthy of your money? To help you find the answer, read the following ratings:

How well does it perform (4/5 points)

When it comes to performance, a Putco door handle cover does not disappoint. It has all the features you're looking for in an OE replacement. You wouldn't even notice the difference because the look and feel is almost the same as the original. You can be sure that it is made of premium-quality ABS plastic because of its hard and rigid construction. The silvery color and smooth finish of this component can help enhance the overall look of your car. Also, this car component stays mounted on the door for a really long time. Unlike other door handle covers that come off easily, Putco's remain firmly attached to the door handle. That's all because of its top-grade glue, which provides superb adhesion for years.

Is it easy to install? (4/5 points)

Another great thing about this product is the ease of installation. The main reason why it's very convenient to set up is the built-in 3M adhesive tape at the back of the cover. To use it, you just simply peel off the plastic covering. The direct-fit feature of this product also allows a straightforward installation. To achieve the right shape and size, you don't have to trim or cut the cover.

Is it worth the price? (4/5 points)

Some people would raise an eyebrow because this product is a bit pricey. But if you consider the benefits that this component can give you, you'll understand why it is worth your money. By just buying and installing one component, you can get two things: one, protection for the interior parts of your car door. Two, style for an enhanced look and appeal of your vehicle. Clearly, it's a really good investment for every car owner.

Overall rating: 4/5

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