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If it's seal that you need, Qualiseal is the answer. This after-sales manufacturer offers the complete line: differential cover seals, spark plug seals, shock bushings, everything that's have something to do with automotive and other demanding applications. Qualiseal is also backed with decades of aerospace sealing innovative solutions. Knowing how critical this application is, it makes the manufacturer more than fit and qualified for its venture in the automotive industry. Since its debut in 1951, the company is already working under AS9100 certification.

Qualiseal's main automotive products include the Qualiseal differential side cover seal, spark plug seal, and shock bushing among others. These accessories are made from well-selected high-grade materials and processed using state-of-the-art facilities. The manufacturing processes are of quantity, starting off with machining the raw products. Then, assembly follows before they statically and dynamically tested under ancillary services to ensure they pass the standards. All products receive heat treatment and plating as reinforcement.

Eventually, the results are made-to-fit high quality and long-lasting Qualiseal spark plug seal or shock bushing or differential side cover seal replacements. All finished batches of these products are also tested in-car extremes to ensure they will work under worst scenarios and conditions. Once satisfied with the quality of their products, the seals and bushings are packed with the necessary installation accessories and guides. Qualiseal is also meticulous when it comes to the distribution of their products. They make sure that every pack of is sealed, reduces, if not totally eliminating, the chance of getting their products imitated and confusing their patrons of which is real and not.