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From the time you start your vehicle to the time you keep it running, many of its parts make use of electricity for them to work well. And when it comes to the electrical power flowing all throughout the different components in your ride, there are two major components that handle them: the starter and the alternator. The starter is the component that handles the electricity needed to crank the engine, while the alternator works hand in hand with your car battery in powering up various car parts as your vehicle runs. These two components are the focus of MPA in the business.

The company is known for its high standards in the remanufacturing industry. It brings this process a notch higher with the advanced re-engineering process that it uses in its operation, effectively combining efficiency and conservation in the process. The company chooses remanufacturing as a way of helping the environment and the world as it operates. Instead of manufacturing brand new parts, it reclaims all the good components of existing alternators and starters for them to be used in the remanufacture of new ones. By doing this, MPA is able to conserve on its resources and able to help the world against waste accumulation.

However, despite its parts being remanufactured, all offerings from the company (both MPA starter and alternator) are actually capable of competing side by side brand new components. And why not, these parts have undergone stringent standards in their production, and they have also been tested well before being released into the market. So, despite the fact that they're remanufactured, they are as efficient as new parts in terms of function and durability.