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Rack And Pinion Assembly

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Steer clear of trouble. When it comes to driving, no part of your car is more in touch with you than its steering system. How well you handle your car depends largely on your skills behind the steering wheel.Spirited driving, however, does take its toll on the rack and pinion assembly of your car. Drive too recklessly and you'll likely start having steering problems sooner or later. This is normal for all types of vehicles. Road conditions are never perfect, thus a car's steering system is bound for wear and tear.Symptoms would include flimsy steering control, awkward steering angles, and unpredictable handling. All these negative effects point to a worn out rack and pinion assembly. If you're a fan of performance, or just want to keep your car's handling like it was brand new, then you might want to replace this part of the steering system.Fortunately, it's all available at Carparts.

• A rack and pinion assembly restores firm steering control.

• Our assemblies provide a direct fit for easy installation.

• Our rack and pinion assemblies last longer than stock.