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The weather's just perfect for that much-earned weekend getaway on a road trip. Cruising along the freeway, you suddenly hear a siren blaring behind you. As you glimpse on your rearview mirror, blinkers are telling you to pullover. Cops gave you a traffic ticket for speeding! How is that possible? Am I that fast? It is so, since cops are using radars to measure your speed. And the radar gun says you are travelling beyond the allowed speed limit. A Schumacher wannabe, huh? Then you'll need a Radar Detector. This is not to say that you should be violating the law at all times. This detector signals you to reduce speed if there's impending radar up ahead before being ticketed for speeding. But a simple Radar Detector will just give you a FAIL since they will warn you just as the officer has detected you already. Other detectors can only detect doppler-based devices instead of ANPR, piezo sensors, and VASCAR technology sensors. There are modern detectors that have more sophisticated technology so you can avoid being flagged down by the police. Some have their own radio transmitter which emits a jamming signal. And because lidar guns are harder to evade, other modern Radar Detectors have a light-sensitive panel detecting the gun's more focused beams. But nothing beats slowing down to prevent the police and install road safety. No Radar Detector could top that; because a traffic violation or a speeding ticket is very much a hassle when going on an important meeting or going on an enjoyable out-of-town trip.