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Radiator Cap

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Put a lid on it. Sometimes, the simplest things can bring about the worst problems in your car. Take the radiator cap, for instance. Most people think that it's just a plain old cap that prevents coolant from leaking out the radiator. In fact, it's more than that. It's actually a pressure valve.According to the laws of physics, by increasing the pressure of a fluid, you also increase its boiling point. Thus, the cap causes an increase in pressure as well as the coolant's boiling point, making it more effective at absorbing heat.As you shut off your engine, the radiator cap does the opposite. It senses the pressure decrease and lets air in to stabilize your cooling system. The cap, however, is prone to rust and corrosion. Its rubber seals can wear out as well. These will keep the cap from functioning properly.If your car's engine overheats quite frequently, you may need a new cap. Carparts can provide one for you.

• A premium radiator cap keeps the cooling system pressure in check,

• Our radiator caps prevent steam from escaping and damaging electrical systems.

• Our radiator caps are crafted only from corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant materials.