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Ensuring the good condition of your radiator is important. Installing a new radiator support is one way of maintaining it in top shape.
Even the greatest basketball player is nothing without a dependable team. In the 2007-2008 NBA Playoffs, Kobe Bryant, the monster scoring machine from the LA Lakers, needed more than just a little support from the Spanish power forward Pau Gasol to ensure a memorable Lakers victory against the Denver Nuggets. The same principle is true for most of your car's major components. If the engine needs the engine mount to keep it in place, the radiator needs a radiator support to help keep it functioning at its best at all times.
While a radiator support may not seem important at first glance, a car's cooling system can't run without it. Otherwise, your radiator would bounce around under the hood when you travel. Aside from securing your radiator in place, this metal bracket also attaches your radiator to the side aprons and the upper and lower rails of your engine assembly frame. It keeps the radiator near your engine, which ensures that the coolant is pumped thoroughly in the engine, but far enough to protect it from the extreme heat produced by the engine's operations. Also, by locking down your radiator in place, a radiator core support helps keep the rest of your auto components aligned-particularly your fenders and hood.
No man is an island; likewise, no auto part can function on its own. So get a completely functional engine cooling system and use a replacement radiator support once your stock one gets worn out.

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  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Radiator Support

    Overheating: it's a problem that drivers are all too familiar with. This problem is typically caused by the radiator's inability to keep engine temperatures at a manageable level. The radiator's job is to basically cool your engine and prevent it from getting too hot. It does this by passing engine coolant through the engine block, then back through the radiator where the heat is dissipated. If the radiator breaks, then your engine temperatures could reach dangerous levels, which would impede engine performance and lead to overheating. In light of this, you must ensure that your radiator is well taken care of and complete with a sturdy radiator support.

    The radiator of your ride is very heavy and will require a durable support to keep it in place. The radiator support is design to protect your radiator against unwanted vibrations and engine heat, both of which could cause premature radiator damage. In addition to that, this component even controls the alignment of the fenders and the hood because it's connected to the mounting points of the horns and headlights. Most importantly, with a solid support for your radiator, you'll be able to maintain proper engine temperatures, which will help prevent overheating and boost engine performance.

    Like all auto parts, your ride's stock radiator support will eventually give in to wear and tear. When this happens, your engine's main cooling component won't be able to function properly. You need not worry, though, because you can replace this busted component with a brand-new one. Aftermarket radiator supports are typically made with heavy-duty materials that enable them to carry such a heavy auto component. In addition to that, these parts come with OEM specs that guarantee a problem-free product fit and installation process. So don't waste any time; reinforce your radiator with a new and improved radiator support right away!

  • Learn Vital Factors of a Radiator Support to your Vehicle

    Your ride generates some very extreme temperatures as you drive from one place to the next. Engines perform best when they're warm; but if their temps get too high, then they could overheat. When your engine overheats, you have no choice but to pull over and let it cool down. In order to prevent such a problem, your ride comes equipped with a handy radiator. The purpose of this component is to keep your engine cool by passing engine coolant through the engine block. This coolant is then passed back into the radiator where it loses heat into the atmosphere. If you want your radiator to operate properly, you must ensure that all its components are functional. This entails checking your thermostat, water pump, and radiator support for any signs of damage.

    One component that you'll want to zero in on is the radiator support. As its name implies, this auto part is designed to support your radiator and hold it in its proper position. The support also protects the radiator against engine heat and vibrations that can hasten its wear. A radiator can be quite heavy, and that's why the support must be made of strong and durable materials. If your radiator's support component deteriorates, then radiator damage can occur prematurely. This will, in turn, open up the chances of your engine overheating.

    In order to give your radiator the protection and reinforcement it needs, you should have your busted radiator support replaced with a new one right away. Spare supports are made with durable materials that will allow them to withstand the weight of the radiator as well as the heat and vibrations of the engine. In addition to that, such a component typically comes with OEM specs, granting it a precise product fit and making it rather easy to install. So don't let yourself fall victim to an overheated engine; buy a new radiator support straightaway.

  • The Automobile Basics: Radiator Support

    If you're a big fan of off-roading, then it's highly-advised that you make sure you have a durable radiator support in your engine bay. That's because all that vibration in your engine bay caused by countless road irregularities makes it easier for your radiator to disconnect from your ride. With hardwearing and rigid upper and lower radiator supports, you can be sure that your radiator will stay in place no matter how bad the road conditions get. To support your radiator, your radiator supports connect to the various parts of your engine bay-particularly the front edges of your mudguard skirts. In the case of your upper radiator support, this component holds your radiator against your front fenders. While your lower support bolts onto the front section of your engine cooling system. These components work together in holding your radiator in position. Though built from extra tough materials like aluminum, plastic incorporated with steel, fiberglass, and steel, it's not unlikely for this component to break after years of use and abuse. When your radiator support breaks, your best recourse is to replace it immediately. In replacing your radiator supports, you'll be faced with two options. One is the support assembly, which comes with various components like a hood latch support, an upper tie bar, a crossmember (lower), and a supporting panel (side). Another option is a single component that combines two sheet metal components to form your upper and lower radiator supports. Choose the product that's compatible with your ride.

  • Radiator Support: Just the Facts

    When it comes to cooling down your car's engine, no other part does it better than the radiator. It helps lower engine temperature through the simple process of heat exchange. As coolant flows through the engine, the fluid absorbs much of the engine block's heat. This keeps engine temperature at manageable levels, preventing the dangers of overheating.After taking heat from moving engine parts, the hot coolant returns to the radiator. The radiator is usually equipped with one to three rows of finned tubes that can hold heated coolant. The heat exchange process happens when air blown in through your vehicle's grille picks up heat from hot coolant, leaving the coolant at a lower temperature.The radiator's tubes are, however, thin and delicate. Front-end collisions can easily break these tubes, rendering the radiator useless. If you discover water dripping under your car, or you notice the engine's coolant level dropping unusually fast, then chances are good that the whole eadiator is busted.A replacement is probably due, but don't worry. Car Parts has the right stuff for you.

    • Prevents engine overheating

    • Designed to handle hot coolant

    • Fits perfectly and last longer than stock