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RaggTopp is a trusted name when it comes to keeping vinyl convertible top clean and looking new. Everyday usage of your convertible vehicle exposes it to dust and the elements that can strip its top with its previously applied protectant. Cleaning the vinyl top using soap or any harmful chemical will only make things worse. Luckily, there's this brand which is not only safe but is highly effective in cleaning and protecting the vinyl top from road grime, dirt moisture, industrial fallout, and more. It also aid in preserving the top to ensure it's clean for years to come.

RaggTopp Vinyl Care products are exclusively tested and trusted by leading original equipment manufacturers of convertible toppings for both American and European convertible automobiles in the world. These vinyl care products are specially formulated to answer the needs of auto-care professional and convertible top enthusiasts that want only the best convertible top cleaner and protectant. RaggTopp Vinyl Care products unlike the other vinyl top cleaning products in the market do not contain silicone and guaranteed not to harm the paint, glass or plastic windows, and chrome parts of the vehicle. These products are also very helpful in repelling harmful UV rays that can cause the color of vinyl tops to fade and to look old.

RaggTopp Vinyl Care is comprised of various cleaning products that are very easy to use. All you have to do is to wet the top with water and spray on the RaggTopp cleaner. Scrub gently using a soft nylon bristle scrub brush, rinse and just let it dry. Once dry the vinyl top is dry you apply the brand's famous fabric protectant. But make sure to apply only two or three light coats with 10 to 15 minutes intervals between coats. After you're finished with the fabric protectant you park your car under the sun to cure the UV stabilizers. You may also use RaggTopp's Fabric Protectant to clean the carpet mats. The protectant will keep the spills on top of the fibers making it easy to remove.