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Rain-X provides first-rate windshield products because it understands the importance of good visibility when driving.

Wiper blade sets, glass cleaners, windshield treatment, and bug and tar removers are just some of its beneficial offerings.

Maintaining an auto's safety and good appearance is not a problem as long as a car owner has Rain-X products at his convenience.

Rain-X products are very efficient and affordable so, car owners will really benefit a lot if they invest on them.

Anyone who has tried walking in the rain minus his umbrella knows how raindrops can impede the vision. He needs to wipe off moisture trickling down his eyes in order to have a good view of the path before him. This experience is almost the same for drivers. Although they are not in direct contact with the raindrops, the impaired vision is almost the same experience. Drivers need reliable windshield wipers to maintain a clear sight of the road. There's no better option for this than the Rain-X Wiper Blade Set. This set offers advantages that can't be found in any other brand of wiper blades. The wiper blade by Rain-X offers high-performance wipe, easy installation, and durability. Each blade features a contoured design and specially blended graphite coated rubber blade that enables it to clean the windshield efficiently and smoothly. It prevents build-up of snow and ice from the windshield, so the driver can always have excellent view of the road. Drag, noise, and wind lift are prevented by the built-in aerodynamic spoiler. The Rain-X Wiper Blade Set can be used as replacement for standard or curved wiper blades. To make installation easier, the blades come with a small j-hook adapter and a multi-adapter for side pin, large j-hook and bayonet wiper blade arms. There's no need to worry about its condition because the Rain-X Wiper Blade Set is designed to withstand exposure to extreme cold and heat.

Can dust be prevented from sticking to the windows, windshield, and body panels of a vehicle? For sure the answer would a big "No". Whether it's taken out on the road or simply stowed inside the garage, a vehicle will inevitably gather dust. The only thing an owner can do about it is to have a perfect partner to help in removing all blemishes that are stuck on the glass surfaces as well as on the car's crevices. The Rain-X Glass Cleaner is a very reliable cleaning agent that will remove distracting specks of dirt and stains on all the glasses in the vehicle. No streaks will be left behind once dirt is removed; all the glass will have is a clear and clean shine. This glass cleaner is also very easy to use because its concentrated formula allows it to cut through the dirt, soot, and bug remains that got stuck on the exterior portion of the glass. These distracting substances can be removed in just a few swipes. This can also be used for cleaning up automotive mirrors. The Rain-X Glass Cleaner is formulated for safe use on tinted glass not just on clear automotive glass. This Rain-X Glass Cleaner is available in 3.5-oz, 14-oz, and 23-oz bottles, so a car owner can simply choose which will fit his needs best. This cleaner is widely available in local and online stores, so car owners won't have any difficulty finding it.

An excellent view of the road is a must when driving. Many accidents that occurred in the past happened because some drivers couldn't see ahead of them clearly; they didn't see the oncoming vehicle or the road block a few meters ahead. Some of these accidents could have been prevented if the drivers took extra precautions like having a clear windshield. This might sound mundane to some people but a clear and visible windshield can help a lot in keeping on the safe side of the road. Employing the Rain-X Windshield Treatment is a big help in ensuring excellent visibility not only during fair weather conditions but especially during hard precipitation. This treatment is easy to use. First thing to do is to wash the car normally, including the windshield. After drying the windshield, the Rain-X Windshield Treatment can already be applied. Microfiber cloth is the recommended material for its application to prevent scratching the windshield glass. With circular motion, apply the treatment to one half of the windshield while moving up to the other half. Firm pressure is needed during application to ensure that the treatment is evenly applied on the whole windshield glass' surface. Once the Rain-X Windshield Treatment settles in on the windshield, driving in dire weather conditions won't be that dangerous because the raindrops and moisture will easily slide off the glass, allowing excellent road visibility all the time. This treatment is also very advantageous for keeping drivers safe especially during winter.