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Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly by Rancho

If you are searching for performance shocks for your truck or SUV, then you need to take a look at the Rancho RS5000 Shocks. These shocks have the experience of 20 years of business behind them and are designed to offer riding comfort off-road and all along the highway.

Rancho RS5000 Shocks are the perfect choice for both stock and lifted vehicles, and they offer top-notch performance under most driving conditions. Crafted with a high capacity twin tube design, these shocks also include a double-chromed 5/8" hardened rod, double-welded mounts, and a glass-filled Teflon piston seal. The shocks also boast internal rebound bumpers and a durable exterior finish. Finally, these shocks include red urethane protective boots for utmost performance. And protection.

Rancho RS5000 Shocks can also offer unbeatable performance because they are designed with a ten-stage, velocity-sensitive valving system that reacts to the terrain with precise dampening. This system ensures that you are getting the comfort balance you need when you need it. Harden rubber bushings are also featured to increase comfort by lessening pad impacts. On top of all of this, theses performance shocks come with a lifetime warranty.

Get comfort, value and performance for your truck or SUV by ordering your new Rancho RS5000 Shocks. If you have more questions, try our online help site for answers. Or, contact our experience customer service department toll-free. Also, be sure to take advantage of our free shipping offer for orders that come to $50.00 or more.

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Rancho Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly Articles

  • Rancho Series: RS9000X

    Rancho Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly

    For complete riding comfort in you truck or SUV you need to replace your stock shocks with a set of performance ones. And what better shocks to choose than those with a choice of compression levels? The Rancho RS9000X Shocks feature a dial-in compression setting that lets you choose from 9 different levels to give you the best driving experience possible.

    Each set of Rancho RS9000X Shocks feature an easy-turn dial at their base. This unique feature allows you to dial in the perfect amount of compression and dampening control for the driving conditions you are experiencing. Position one is perfect for highway cruising or city touring. Position five is more acceptable for trail driving that will bounce back and forth between rough conditions and slightly bumpy terrain. Break out position nine when you are going to be bumping around non-stop on the roughest of conditions. Best of all, these shocks are manually adjustable from the base, or push of the button adjustable from the in-cab remote system.

    Rancho RS9000X Shocks are not just built to perform, they are also built to last. First, they feature a tri-tube design. This design is engineered to hold significantly more liquid than other shocks. Then, the chromed 5/8" heavy-duty rod design with variable force control (VFC) for precise flow metering combines with the graphite-impregnated Teflon band for smooth performance. Lastly, these shocks come backed by a lifetime warranty.

    Get a smooth ride that you can really control by purchasing your new Rancho RS9000X Shocks today. Order now and take advantage of our free shipping offer on orders that total $50.00 or more.