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Racing enthusiasts don't have to look far for their racing gear needs because RCI is the company they can count on.

All racing gears by RCI meets the needs of racers especially when it comes to safety and comfort.

A driver will always be in top form and condition if he uses RCI gloves, foot wear, and many more.

RCI clothing and auto parts are designed for durability and long-lasting service life.

Not many are aware that wearing improper footwear when driving heightens the risk of road accidents. Ladies' shoes with killer heels and some leather shoes for men are some examples of footwear not suited for driving. There is a greater chance for them to slip when pumping the car's pedals. Well-fitted shoes are really important in maintaining safety while driving. It's even more important to wear proper footwear when racing. RCI Foot Wear is the most suitable choice for anyone whose heart is into performance sports. This footwear offers a comfortable fit, so users don't have to worry that it might slip at any point in the race. Its soles are especially designed to absorb shocks and pressure when manipulating the pedals. These soles have a ribbed design that allows the shoes to have good grip and traction on the pedals as well as the car floor. Apart from comfort, this footwear also caters to the user's safety because it is made from flame retardant nomex and suede. The RCI Foot Wear's top-quality design gives it that sporty look. It's also designed with one-pull Velcro ankle closures for easy and fast access. With red, blue, and black colors to choose from, driving enthusiasts will always have something to match their overall outfit. Racers will benefit a lot if they invest on an RCI Foot Wear.

Today's unstable gas prices should be an adequate explanation why car owners look for alternative power sources. One of the developments that meet this need of car owners is fuel-cell vehicles. Fuel-cell vehicles are efficient in producing power without creating too much pollution that is harmful to the environment. Many consumers have already availed one for themselves because of these advantages that can be gained from it. However, they must keep in mind that sometimes this fuel cell in their cars can malfunction too, so they must have a replacement on hand. The RCI Fuel Cell is a great alternative and replacement to stock fuel cell. This aluminum fuel cell is powder-coated red for a flashier look. Its 30 x 17 x 7 dimensions are just right for its 17-gallon capacity. Users don't have to worry about its service because this fuel cell is made from tig-welded 5051 sturdy lightweight aircraft aluminum alloy. The RCI Fuel Cell is even more convenient to use because it comes with a sending unit having 0 to 90 Ohm range. The flat bottom of the RCI Fuel Cell also accounts for its easy installation. DIYers will have a field day installing it. Once it's properly in place, they can again enjoy terrific auto performance minus the gases that harm the environment.

Very few car owners take time to inspect auto components that are quite visible. The fuel filler neck is among these components. Usually, car owners will only take notice if fuel gets spilled during refueling sessions. A fuel filler neck that's crammed with holes can be dangerous because the fuel inside the tank might ignite accidentally. This defective unit must be replaced immediately with a high-quality RCI Fuel Filler Neck. Such is a universal product, so it can be used in whatever vehicle make and model they own. For easy and convenient installation, it includes an aluminum cap and mounting hardware. The 1-3/4-inch RCI Fuel Filler Neck, with its 45-degree filler valve, is just the right size for any vehicle. Its angled design allows for the smooth flow of fuel inside the fuel tank. Car owners have to take note, though, that this part is not accompanied by a filler neck hose. They have to get it separately. Investing in an RCI Fuel Filler Neck is a choice that they won't regret because this part ensures excellent and long lasting service. This is possible because only the premium raw materials are used for its production. It's also been carefully designed to ensure superior capability. Getting this replacement part is never a hassle because it is widely available in local as well as online stores.