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Reference Sensor

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Fuel doesn't flow by itself. To harness its power, your car's fuel delivery system has to be in good working condition. Most owners think this system consists of nothing more than the fuel pump.Well, there's more to the fuel delivery system than meets the eye. If your car's engine uses an electronic fuel injection (EFI) system, expect your injectors to stop pumping once a little something called the reference sensor starts failing. That's because this sensor is in charge of determining exactly when the injectors should pump fuel and gesturing the ignition coil when to fire. Too, it keeps the fuel delivery system working diligently at a constant rhythm.Failure of this part, however, can paralyze the whole fuel delivery system altogether. If your car's ignition system has been acting up and causing slow engine startups lately, then you may need to replace this reference sensor. Don't fret, though.Fortunately for you, Carparts has a wide selection of reference sensors for you to choose from.

• Offers higher heat resistance

• Designed to outlast stock sensors

• Fits any engine type for convenient installation