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Ever wonder how electricity runs through your vehicle? Yes, your car comes with switches that make using those electrical auto components easy. But do you know what makes all these switches work? Their corresponding relays, of course.A relay is, essentially, a switch in itself. The relay's interior features a coil of wire wrapped around an iron core, an armature, and a set of contacts. Working together, these components allow you to use a minimum amount of power to activate a larger power source.So when one of your vehicle's relays becomes faulty, you experience power loss and the inability to control various parts of your vehicle. That's why it's recommended to replace a relay once it starts to show signs of malfunction.Don't worry; Carpartss is here to lend you a hand. This online auto part store holds a vast collection of auto parts for any car make and model. Here, you can easily find the relay that best fits your vehicle.

• Our relays are designed to resist premature wear and tear.

• All the relays we offer are tested for safety and durability.

• All our relays are crafted according to OE specifications.