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Renault R16 Parts and Renault R16 Accessories

You have to hand it to the French to turn a utilitarian and plain as a family hatchback into something a little more elegantthat's the Renault R16 for you. As one reviewer of this classic automobile remarked, "it is neither a saloon nor an estate, but something quite different altogether." Apart from enjoying an unbroken production run of nearly 15 years, the R16 also won the European Car of the Year Award in 1966barely a year after it was released! To modern sensibilities, the R16 doesn't seem like muchit certainly looks like the boxy old car that it is.

Taken within the context of the time that it was built and sold, however, one can truly see what made the Renault R16 a true masterpiece. For one thing, the design and shape was innovative in its time. The much-praised "bird-beak" grille flew in the face of mundane design principles, and would be the equivalent to today's much-drooled-over Porsche and Mercedes Benz grilles. Space was another big dealpreviously; you either had no space or had to get a truck if you needed said space. With the R16, you had, for the first time, the balance of space and compactness.

Though far more popular in Europe than in America, the Renault R16 nonetheless made a splash in the local market, and there are a few of them still serviceableif not in good working condition. Though production ended officially in 1980, it became a popular entry- to mid-level family ride that parts and components continued to be produced and sold at a heady pace in the years that followed. So, if you are lucky to still have this beautiful and well-respective exemplar of French design, then do not worry one bit as your every need and want can still be met by a market that respects a good car.