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Alloy wheels won't be this popular if they don't have certain advantages over standard wheels. One of the reasons why alloy wheels are preferred by many drivers is, they offer greater weight to strength ratio so vehicle handling is improved. With alloys, unsprung mass is reduced, which essentially eases the load on the vehicle's suspension. Your car will also have better road grip because its tires can follow the terrain well, thus reducing your chances of encountering road mishaps. When it comes to alloy wheels, there's only one name that stands out - Replacement Alloy.

For years, this brand has been supplying the industry with top of the line alloy wheel choices. Replacement Alloy is popular because of its alloy wheels that are very much capable of providing better balance while enhancing your ride's handling, steering, and speed. Vehicle balance is also improved because the weight placed at the center of the wheel has been balanced. Aside from that, a Replacement Alloy Wheel also helps reduce the amount of heat produced so both wheels and brakes don't need to deal with excessive tire and brake temperature, which helps extend the service life of these vehicle components.

Replacement makes sure its alloy wheels are offered in different sizes (16 x 16.5, 16 x 7, and 17 x 6.5) to fit the specifications of virtually all vehicle makes and models. Aside from their practical functions, these wheels are also eye-catching. So if you want to make your ride stand out, you better outfit it with high-quality and attractive alloy wheels from Replacement. All the OE replica wheels from this company are made based on the measurements of the factory installed wheels. It also carries both refinished factory original alloy wheel and aftermarket replica alloy wheel.