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Grille Assembly by Replacement

Replacement Grille Assembly 101: Types and Uses

Getting a Replacement grille assembly for your vehicle seems easy enough-until you're bombarded with more options than you can possibly consider. With all the different materials and finishes to choose from, setting your vehicle up with a brand new grille can be tricky. To help you pick the perfect Replacement grille assembly, here's what you need to know:

Plastic grille assembly

  • What makes it awesome: Installing a Replacement plastic grille assembly is an easy and affordable way to spruce up any vehicle. Since Replacement uses top-grade ABS plastic for the grille assembly, durability can be expected from this component. A plastic grille assembly is also much easier to fix using inexpensive products and is safe from rust, so maintenance for this type of grille assembly is a breeze.
  • Where it works best: Practically anywhere. A plastic grille assembly can look just as good on a sleek coupe as it would on an average family sedan. Since the Replacement plastic grille assembly comes in an assortment of finishes including painted, matte, chrome, and argent, this product can achieve any look possible.

Aluminum grille assembly

  • What makes it awesome: Stronger than plastic but lighter than steel, aluminum makes for a great grille assembly material. The Replacement aluminum grille assembly is much stronger than its plastic counterpart, but it can be a bit more difficult to maintain. It is not as prone to rust as raw steel, but it can still suffer from corrosion after a period of time. In terms of looks, polished aluminum gives off a nice, clean look that doesn't chip off like a chrome-plated plastic grille assembly does.
  • Where it works best: This type of grille assembly is great for those who need stronger front-end protection without adding too much weight to their vehicle.

Steel grille assembly

  • What makes it awesome: In terms of strength, nothing beats a steel grille assembly. The Replacement steel grille assembly comes painted, so it already has a good layer of protection against corrosion.
  • Where it works best: For those who want the best protection against fender-benders, the Replacement steel grille assembly is the obvious choice. It is also great for pickup trucks and SUVs that go off the road quite often.

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Replacement Grille Assembly Articles

  • What to Anticipate from a Replacement Grille Assembly

    Made from top-grade ABS plastic and marketed as a direct-fit OE substitute, the Replacement grille assembly looks to be a very promising product. Plus, since the Replacement grille assembly is competitively priced, getting one seems like a worthy risk to take. Replacement also offers their grille assembly in plastic, aluminum, or steel, so choice is not an issue. But do these reasons automatically make this product worth your money? Here's a quick look at how the Replacement plastic grille assembly fared:

    How great does it look? (4/5)

    At a glance the Replacement plastic grille assembly definitely looks identical to the stock grille. The chrome that coats the plastic grille shell and grille insert definitely delivers a shiny, even finish. Since it was constructed from topnotch ABS plastic, the product felt quite sturdy and seemed to be just as durable as the original equipment. While it looked great right out of the box, it certainly looked even better once installed on the Dodge Ram. Although an emblem could have gained another point for this product, its sleek, spotless chrome finish is good enough to let it garner a solid four out of five stars.

    Is it easy to set up? (4/5)

    With its convenient bolt-on design, installing this product is definitely a walk in the park. It took less than an hour to replace the old Ram grille assembly with this one, and most of that time was spent taking off the old grille. Apart from the fasteners that needed to be sanded down because they were a bit too thick for the bars, there was nothing else that needed to be modified. For the reasons mentioned above, this product easily gets four out of five stars when it comes to ease of installation.

    Is it worth the price? (4/5)

    Quality construction and a great fit make this product worth it. Although a little modification had to be done to install this component, the end result makes up for it. All in all, the Replacement plastic grille assembly offers OE-comparable quality and looks for a fraction of the cost. There are cheaper options of course, but with the quality of this plastic grille assembly, a rating of four out of five is definitely justified.

    Overall rating: 4/5