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Hood Molding by Replacement

Quick Guide to Using a Replacement Hood Molding

Scouting for a brand-new hood molding shouldn't be that hard, but it takes time to choose the right one. If you're an impulsive buyer, you would probably get the first thing that you see, just to save you time. But if you want to do get the right part for your vehicle, you should start by researching about the product. Now, to help you choose and get every penny's worth, here's the complete lowdown on the Replacement hood molding:

What makes it good: Built from automotive-grade plastic materials, a Replacement hood molding's main selling point is its sturdy construction. The high-quality materials used here allow the hood molding to withstand heat, wear, and even varying weather conditions. Also, the molding comes in a variety of finishes, making it easier for you to accessorize your ride. It comes in chrome or black finish, accentuating your vehicle's door handles or body side moldings. Another good thing is that this hood molding is backed by a 1-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

Where it fits: One of the best features of this product is its fit. Why? Because each hood molding meets and even exceeds OE specifications. A Replacement hood molding can be an exact fit for your vehicle. You don't need special tools to install it; it's really easy to attach.

How can you maximize its service life: Since your car's hood and its moldings are constantly exposed to harsh elements, it can really shorten their lifespan. Although these parts are built tough to withstand blizzards and humid weather, the hood moldings can eventually wear out and pop out. When this happens, you can easily press down on them to secure them, right? But what if it happens again? Well, if you want to maximize your new Replacement hood molding's service life, you'd better make sure that you install it properly. It's always best to clean your hood's surface with a dry rag dipped in alcohol. This will keep stubborn dirt and dust from contaminating the molding's adhesive. Make sure to apply just the right amount of force when pressing down on the molding. Too much force might damage it and render it useless. Take note of these tips to help you maximize your hood molding's service life.

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Replacement Hood Molding Articles

  • What to Expect from a Replacement Hood Molding

    Designed as your vehicle's hood assembly trim piece, a Replacement hood molding helps maintain the sleek appearance of your vehicle. Built from high-quality plastic materials, this is very durable and highly resistant to corrosion. Compared to its metal counterpart, this hood molding weighs 50-percent lighter, making it the preferred choice of vehicle and racing enthusiasts. Also, it can easily withstand small stones, water, mud, and other road debris. Thanks to the Replacement hood molding's durable construction, a lot of people are now choosing this over other brands'. Will this product really make your vehicle shine? Let's check out the ratings below:

    Is it easy to install? (5/5 stars)

    Installing a Replacement hood molding is really easy. You don't need to drill holes or apply too much force just to install it. All you need is some basic hand tools and to follow the instructions carefully. Since you won't have any problem during the installation process, this product deserves a five out of five stars.

    Is it worth every penny? (4/5 stars)

    A product's worth, especially a hood molding, will always be a reason why you should buy it. In this case, yes, the Replacement hood molding is worth every penny. Earning a four out of five stars, it offers a lot of benefits including a durable and solid construction, a wide variety of colors and finishes to choose from, OE fit, and its reasonable price. It's ease of installation also helped it earn an excellent rating.

    Does it look good when installed? (4/5 stars)

    Its durability is what sets this product apart from its competitors. Thanks to its excellent craftsmanship and use of the best automotive-grade materials, each Replacement hood molding brings out your vehicle's sense of style. With its chrome or black glossy finish, it complements the other body moldings and accessories installed on your vehicle. Basically, it turns the vehicle into a desirable ride. Also, you may not notice this but the hood molding is also designed to protect your vehicle's hood. If you look at it closely, you might see small scuff marks or scratches on it. As such, this product got a four out of five rating for making a ride look good.

    Overall rating: 4.3/5