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License Plate Bracket by Replacement

The Ultimate Replacement License Plate Bracket Guide

Whether you need to replace your broken license plate bracket or you want one to amp up your vehicle's looks, Replacement has a high-quality, direct-fit component for you. But how do you know which finish to get? Here's a brief but helpful Replacement license plate bracket guide to help you out:

Black Replacement license plate bracket

  • What makes it awesome: Those who want to keep their license plate on the more traditional side can't go wrong with a black Replacement license plate bracket. Whether you get this component in a typical smooth black finish or in a nice textured finish, this product will definitely give your vehicle an understated but classy appearance. Since black hides dirt well, this product also requires minimal cleaning and maintenance.
  • What it is best for: This product's classic look means that it will look great on any vehicle. Since it will keep your car's factory appearance, it is the perfect choice for those who just need to replace an old or broken license plate bracket.

Primered Replacement license plate bracket

  • What makes it awesome: A primered Replacement license plate bracket gives you more room for creativity. You can install it as is, paint it to match your vehicle's color, or decorate it with a color or design that is out of the box. This product's primer coating guarantees extra protection against rust, a smooth painting surface, and a lasting paint job.
  • What it is best for: Dressing up your license plate with a bracket that matches your vehicle's color. If you want a license plate bracket that matches your vehicle without requiring you to spend extra time on prep work, then this product is the way to go.

Chrome Replacement license plate bracket

  • What makes it awesome: The chrome Replacement license plate bracket is great for brightening up your license plate. Chrome is also great against rust, so this product can definitely last for a very long time. A fair bit of warning though, chrome requires regular polishing to keep its beautiful luster.
  • What it is best for: Matching the chrome that you already have on your vehicle. Chrome is definitely a very handsome finish, so if you've already got chrome wheels, chrome door handles, and chrome trims on your vehicle, this license plate bracket will complement them perfectly.

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Replacement License Plate Bracket Articles

  • What to Expect from a Replacement License Plate Bracket

    With its high-quality materials, affordable price, several finish choices, and topnotch construction, the Replacement license plate bracket definitely seems like a great substitute for your old or broken license plate bracket. Since it is a direct-fit replacement, you can also expect the installation of this product to be a piece of cake. But how well does it actually deliver all these promising features? Here's a look at how the black Replacement license plate bracket holds up:

    How good does it look? (4/5 stars)

    Right out of the box, the black Replacement license plate bracket definitely looked identical to the factory one. The product was nicely painted, and its smooth, black finish made the component look very sleek and elegant. This license plate bracket sat perfectly on the bumper once it was installed on a Dodge Ram. It didn't rattle or shake at all even after the pickup truck went through a couple of bumps, and it maintained a tight hold on the truck's license plate. All in all, this product gets four out of five stars.

    Is it easy to install? (3.5/5)

    While the actual process of setting it up was a walk in the park and only took a couple of minutes, this product only gets a rating of 3.5 because it didn't come with all the needed parts for installation. The bolts, nuts, or screws that are required to mount the license plate bracket can be found in your neighborhood auto parts store, but it would have been much more convenient if this product already came with them.

    Is it worth the price? (4/5)

    While it would take much more time to judge the durability of this product, its clean appearance and easy installation make it worth the price. Some license plate brackets can offer more customization options for a couple extra bucks, but this product definitely fulfills its end of the bargain as a direct-fit, OE-comparable component. Inclusion of all the necessary hardware would have gotten this product one more star, but it still deserves a solid four out of five rating as it is.

    Overall rating: 3.83/5