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Tailgate Cable by Replacement

A Short Guide about Replacement Tailgate Cable

If you usually haul cargo in your vehicle's tailgate area, but your tailgate cable is broken, then you might find yourself picking up your stuff in the middle of the road. If your stock tailgate cable is already worn-out, finding a replacement is neither hard nor expensive. There are aftermarket brands that offer high-quality replacements for incredibly low prices. For one, the Replacement brand offers sturdy and durable tailgate cables that will suit your budget. Want to know what exactly the Replacement tailgate cable has to offer? Here's a short read about what you could get from this product:

What makes it reliable: A Replacement tailgate cable is made of premium steel materials covered by rubber or nylon to ensure stronghold when installed in your vehicle's tailgate. Every cable has tough metal locks in both ends to keep your tailgate up even if you are climbing up a slope. It also keeps your tailgate from sagging and collapsing if you are hauling a heavy load. You can trust that it can handle even your heaviest cargo, as long as it is in good condition.

Where it fits: This Replacement tailgate cable is great for heavy-duty hauling. It fits best in pickup trucks and SUVs like Dodge Rams, Ford Rangers, and GMC Sonomas, among others.

How to maximize the service life of your Replacement tailgate cable: If your vehicle's stock tailgate cable broke because it has already worn-out and it can no longer withstand the heavy load in your cargo area, try not to do the same to your new tailgate cable. Make it a point to inspect the cable's cover for signs of premature wear and replace it with a new one if it is no longer in good shape. Keep the metal ends free from rust by inspecting them for rust spots once in a while. Use a metal cleaner to keep the locks free from dirt that could make them jammed. Also, check the cable for loose or worn-out bolts to ensure that it would not fail, especially if you are carrying a heavy cargo uphill. Tighten or replace missing bolts to keep the cable intact all the time.

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Replacement Tailgate Cable Articles

  • Buying a Replacement Tailgate Cable: Good or Bad Idea?

    So you've heard from your buddy who has a Dodge Ram that he replaced his truck's tailgate cable recently with one from the Replacement brand. You also wanted to replace yours, since your tailgate has been already sagging during the past days, but you simply don't trust aftermarket parts in terms of durability. Believe it or not, the Replacement brand sells high-quality parts that you can consider a bargain. Still, you wonder if this Replacement tailgate cable would meet your expectations. Well, here's a relevant read that might help you decide if you will follow your buddy's footsteps:

    How well does it perform? (5/5 stars)

    Heavy cargo was loaded in a Ford Ranger and was driven uphill to check if the tailgate cable can withstand such forces. Incredibly, the Replacement tailgate cable effortlessly held and passed the test. It worked just like the stock tailgate cable, even better. The cable also looks durable enough to last longer than the stock part did. With this impressive job, the Replacement tailgate cable was given a four out of five stars rating.

    Is it easy to install? (4/5 stars)

    Since the Replacement tailgate cable is a direct-fit OE replacement part, installing it would be very easy that even novice DIYers can pull it off on their first try. You can refer to the instruction manual available in the kit to ensure that the cable will be secured in place. Just make sure that you get the right tailgate cable for the specific location: driver side or passenger side. You don't want to interchange the two since they are not alike. The Replacement tailgate cable was then awarded four out of five stars in terms of fit and ease of installation.

    Is it worth the price? (4/5 stars)

    A Replacement tailgate cable is so affordable that you would want to replace both of your stock cables at once. It is even backed by a one-year, unlimited-mileage warranty from the manufacturer, despite its low price. For being a cost-efficient, high-quality, and direct-fit replacement part, the Replacement tailgate cable received a four out of five stars rating.

    Overall rating: 4.33/5