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Reader's Comments: Buick Regal GS

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Mon, 28 Jan 2002
I have a black, 2000 Regal GS and just have a few things to say, on our GS, the moon-roof shade has almost to much friction, it never slips, so I guess thats just a problem with your car, and another thing is our car doesnt ever slide out or ever even have a hint of spinning out, and it doesnt bounce up and down that much, and I do definitely agree, its fast, any speed, 0-60, 70-110, anything, and before I forget, it dose have a sport mode, its a little black button, on the left side of the shifter, and when you press it, it comes up on the right side of the driver info display, to the right of the gas gage, called sport mode, or something like that, and in that mode the shift points are changed to a higher RPM, and you can shift it, thats all, thanks for the ONLY article that I can find so far thats on the regal GS, I havent seen them in Motor Trend, Car and Driver, or any thing. Well thanks.

Sun, 05 Aug 2001
Great to hear you like the car.  Just one thing, the Regal is made in Canada.  Being a proud a Canadian I had to point that out.

Wed, 4 Jul 2001
This is my second Regal with the first one being an 88' and I have to say I am sold on American cars, especially if they are Buick. This 98' Regal GS is the finest car I have ever owned. It is comfortable, very reliable, economical, nimble and fast with great value. Who says the Japanese and Germans are the only one's who can build great automobiles.....I say Americans do the same.
D C  San Jose, CA

Tue, 1 May 2001
Overall I am happy with Regal, but to make it the ultimate package they could do some small things such as: built in remote memory panel so I can take garage door opener off sun shade. Driver sun shade and rear view mirror often bump into each other.  What's that under inside door handles? Screws? Need to hide those, not very luxurious looking at those things. Cup holder keeps getting bumped open, need better design there. Definitely need lumbar support, otherwise very comfortable seats

Pros: love the power, overall design is very nice. Good balance between performance car and family sedan and luxury car. great price.

Tue, 06 Mar 2001
Just want to express my kudos to you on a well written article.
I recently purchased a new 2000 Regal GS in Sterling Silver and couldn't be happier. Having compared it to an Acura TL, Infiniti i30t and Lexus 300, the Regal had the most value (value being the key word). In addition, the car is very understated, which is preferred for I'd much rather blend in then stand out.
Anyway, I agree that the car could use a lumbar support. But what I also think the car could improve on is more supportive back seats. But as I stated, for the $24,000 (plus tax) I paid for the car, it was a bargain (even at $28,000 the car is a good deal)

Tue, 6 Mar 2001
First of all, thanks for selecting the Olympic Edition 2001 Regal GS, Sterling Silver color combination as your test car! I started to read your article and all of a sudden, said "Hey, that's my car!" It was a fun read and I believe you pretty well nailed the car. Except I hated to see the 7.1 zero to 60 time;-) I am more used to seeing the 6.7 number, but who's counting! I have had no problems with the seating though I can see where some people may.

In terms of changes, I would like to see a better controlled ride over bumpy pavement, improved handling (I may have purchased GM's stabli-track had it been an option---you got me worried about the spin out on curves), a sports shift option, more storage up front that is EZ to get to. Also the trunk locking mechanism is to big and in the way when you go to put something in the trunk. I have hit my head twice now, however, I have gotten used to it's being there and avoid it. Improved gas mileage and ability to burn regular gas would be nice.

All and all though I love the car. With only 1300 miles on it, I look forward to keeping it around for a long time! Prior to purchasing the GS, I looked at a whole host of other cars, i.e. Maxima, BMW, Passat v6, Lincoln LS..............for the money, the supercharged engine and the fact that the car is just plain comfortable, I chose the GS.
Thanks again for an excellent article.

Wed, 10 Jan 2001
I am in agreement with most of your comments regarding the Buick Regal GS. However, a small correction in regards to the place of manufacture. The car is in fact made in Canada, not the USA. I think this car could be improved by adding a real dead peddle, a trunk lid liner and a gas cap lock. I would also love to see this car with a subtle ground effects package similar to the Mazda Millenia. I think it would look great. It would also help to differentiate it from the LS and the Century.

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